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Kicks Off Innovation, creativity and a whole lot of fun - these are the key ingredients which make a Funslope a unique experience for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. As the market leader for innovative products in the mountains, one of the major aims of the company Young Mountain has always been the promotion of the development of innovative and creative concepts. Therefore, everybody is invited to participate in the open idea competition on the occasion of the Innovation Days 2017.

It's All about Creativity What will the Funslope elements of the future look like? This question is to be answered at the Funslope Innovation Days on April 29th and 30th 2017. In order to guarantee a fresh breeze for the Funslopes, an idea competition will be held in advance and everybody is invited to submit their vision of the future Funslope elements. Your creativity knows no bounds - no matter if it's snow or non-snow elements, further developments of already existing features or completely new concepts, all the ideas will be collected until January 31st 2017 and eventually analyzed by an expert jury in terms of realizability and fun factor. Prototypes of the best concepts will be realized and can be tested and rated by all the interested visitors on a "showcase Funslope" at the Funslope Innovation Days. For the production of the future Funslope highlights we rely on the cooperation with the company Schneestern that has already helped constructing most of the Funslopes with its equipment. At the finals, the originators of the three most popular ideas for new Funslope elements are looking forward to winning cheques worth a total of 6000€.

Funslope-Pro PistenBully 400 ParkPro
A PistenBully 400 ParkPro will build all of the new elements because that is exactly what it was designed for. Thanks to its maneuverability and its high action radius it is perfect for the construction and the daily maintenance of Funslopes. Particularly the stick control is helpful with narrow curves, since it enables a very precise and sensitive working process. Funslopes are definitely meeting the pulse of the times; they certainly fulfill exactly what their name promises. Namely, providing tons of fun in the mountains in a specifically designed area beyond the common slope skiing - an exciting experience for young and old, professional winter sports enthusiasts and beginners. "Fun for everyone" - that's the Funslopes' motto and also what is demanded of the new elements that are to be developed during the creativity contest.
Together, PistenBully and Young Mountain are organizing these future-oriented Funslope Innovation Days - a unique event that offers a glance into an exciting future.

Participation Pays Off!
You feel like getting involved in developing the future of the Funslopes and you already have an idea for a new Funslope element? Then it's your turn to take part in the Funslope Innovation Days creativity competition! 

Entry deadline for good ideas: 31st January 2017
What? Snow and non-snow elements, further development of already existing features or completely new concepts
Prices: 1st Place: EUR 3.000,00 2nd Place: EUR 2.000,00 3rd Place: EUR 1.000,00

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