With the development of further, sustainable vehicle technologies - under the name GREEN IQ - like the PistenBully 600 E+ and the SNOWsat slope management system, Kässbohrer is positioning itself as an innovation leader in the market.
The PistenBully 600 E+ is the first snow groomer with a diesel-electric drive working in the Alps. This engine technology consumes up to 20 % less fuel and emits less CO2.


In the development of innovative vehicle technologies the PistenBully 600 Dual Fuel Concept is a world first: the first series-production snow groomer with a diesel/gas hybrid drive. Pollutant emissions, particularly NOx and fine dust particles, are substantially reduced. Notable: despite the mix of natural gas or biogas, there is no difference in the drive behaviour and performance of the PistenBully 600 Dual Fuel Concept compared to the PistenBully 600 with conventional diesel drive.

First PistenBully 1969
The very first PistenBully in the year 1969.


PistenBully celebrates the 40. anniversary. Around 17,000 vehicles have been sold to 66 different countries since 1969. With 1,000 vehicles sold the PistenBully 600 is already a bestseller!

The newly launched PistenBully GreenTech expand the range of possible special uses beyond the snow. PistenBully 300 GreenTech are ideal for contractors. For moving silage in biogas plants, excavating peat or mowing and mulching on sensitive terrain.


Launch of the PistenBully 400. From its comfortable cockpit to its powerful yet economical engine to its robust frame structure – the PistenBully 400 has been designed to cater in the most effective way possible for the demands of the driver.

Expansion of the PistenBully family. The Formatic brand belongs to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG since 2008. With the Formatic 350 Kässbohrer offers the most cost-effective vehicle on the market.


The PistenBully 600 Polar was developed for maximum thrust. With 490 hp and a 4.60-metre wide clearing blade, it is second to none for moving mountains of snow.

Acquisition from Keiteleen Latukone Oy. Integration of Paana ski-trail grooming machines into the PistenBully product range. Worldwide distribution of the successful Scandinavian model.

Already established on the American market for more than 10 years under the name Lite-Foot, the PistenBully Scout is now taking over the rest of the world. It will transport up to 10 people anywhere.


The PistenBully 600 harbours a fiery 400 hp beneath its bonnet. State-of-the-art technology combined with a red-hot design – the new PistenBully 600 marks a new dimension in slope grooming. Never before has there been this level of operating and driving comfort!
More than 15,000 PistenBully machines have been built since the beginning of the PistenBully production.


In the Antarctic, a PistenBully fleet of more than 80 machines carries out indispensable work at over 10 research stations.


The PistenBully 300 Polar and the new cable winch set the benchmark for the market.


Move to the new company headquarters in Laupheim.


Product introduction of the PistenBully 100 AllSeason.


Launch of the PistenBully 100 for the preparation of cross-country ski-tracks, snowmobile trails etc.


Initial public offering of the Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG: the share is first noted at Frankfurt Stock Exchange in September 16th.


The 10.000th PistenBully is delivered. In over 52 countries these vehicles are now in use.


The product range Geländefahrzeuge of the former Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH is transformed into an independent enterprise.


Start of production of the BeachTech 3000 beach cleaning machine, intended as a seasonal counterbalance towards the winter business of PistenBully.


With the PistenBully 200 DW the first snow cat for scarps comes into being. A winch supports and secures the vehicle on its extreme up and downhill rides.


The "Flexmobil" is developed - a faster transport and work vehicle, which is suitable for traffic and thus designed for flexible on- and offroad use.


10 years of PistenBully: more than 2,000 vehicles find themselves in use in over 35 countries.


The XI. Winter Olympics in Sapporo are the breakthrough on the international market. The construction of the third independent product range of the Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke starts.


The debut of the first PistenBully by the Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke Ulm, at that time Germanys largest producer of motor-coach- and truck-trailers. A basic principle emerged from Kässbohrer’s experience still applies today and has become the standard for all snow groomers. The most important features of this principle are the hydrostatic drive for straightforward power transmission, the steering wheel for safe manoeuvring, a low centre of gravity for extreme inclines and operations on steep slopes, the platform to provide the option of transportation and, of course, the diesel engine.