Range of Requirements

Transmission components / Accessories  
Motors Dieselmotors
Gears Planetary gears, Transfer box gearing
Coolers Water coolers, Charge air coolers, Oil coolers
Fans Fan couplings
Attachments Ski trail track grooming divices, Winches, Tillers/ejectors
Steel parts/Attachments  
Steel parts as in drawing KGF Welded assemblies(Frames/Accessories/Miscellaneos) Laser and pressed nibble parts pressed parts
Aluminium parts Extrusionmoulded sections
Casting Steel castings
Forged parts Steel/Aluminium
Turned parts/ Milled parts Automatic turned parts, Machining centre
Rubber parts  
Rubber chain links  
Rubber bands Transportation bands
Rubber bearings Anti-vibration dampers, Silent bearing bushes
Tyres and rims  
Windows / Mirrows Windscreen, side window, Rear window, Rear-view mirrors
DIN - parts  
Ball bearings  
Fasteners (screws)  
Axles Rubber cushioned spring running axles Torsion bar spring axles
Seats Driver seats, Passenger seats
Hydraulik parts/ Expendables  
Pumps Hydraulic high pressure pump Axial piston pump
Valve blocks Valves
Flexible tubes Hydraulics
Pipe bends High pressure
Screw connectors Hydraulic area
Plastic components  
Glass fibre reinforced plastic Drivers's cabin, Covers
Deep draw parts made of embossed ABS or PP (e.g. air duct, inner and instrument panel covering)
Elctrical components  
Cabel looms pre-fabricated conductors, Printed special cables
Headlights Search lights, Xenon headlights, warning beacons
Elektronic components micro-processor controlled electronics for, Special vehicle area
Batteries vibration resistant starter batteries