Quality and environmental protection go hand in hand.

As a technology orientated company we undertake to use resources sparingly and to respect the need for sustainability in the context of the environment.

To guarantee lasting environmentally-friendly development and to achieve continual improvement, Kässbohrer has now implemented comprehensive environmental management in all business processes and is certified in accordance with the internationally recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001:2001.

At the same time in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 the quality management was certificated. As environmentally-friendly business and top-quality services are in no way mutually exclusive. Far more, the process security achieved in this way in many areas, actually leads to better quality products.

Please pay attention to the ROPS-certificate when buying a snowgroomer.

The safer the better.

ROPS certification – an absolute must!
The extremely robust safety cab provides uncompromising protection for all passengers. All our PistenBully bear the CE mark and have done since 1993. Operators can be safe in the knowledge that it meets a level of reliability and safety recognised by the European authorities. Of course, all vehicles and cabs from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG are ROPS-certified.