PistenBully 400
A strong and dependable companion.

Technically top of its class. Extremely easy and comfortable to operate. Absolute precision. The PistenBully 400 possesses all the features which are essential for work on the roofs of the world. From its comfortable cockpit to its powerful yet economical engine, to its robust frame structure – the design caters in the most effective way possible for the demands of the driver and the severe conditions of the mountains.

Robust running gear. For controlled power in the terrain.

The best running features for the best pushing capabilities. This optimally balanced vehicle ensures a pleasant driving experience and produces perfectly prepared pistes. The PistenBully 400 combines all the factors which go to ensure trouble-free, safe and precise work. The Cummins QSL 6 cylinder in line diesel engine with turbocharger and aftercooling, 370 hp and a maximum torque of 1519 Nm at 1500 rpm produces pure power on the slope. It is rated Euromot IIIA / EPA Tier 3.

PistenBully 400 in the fun park. Options without limit.

Every season, expectations rise with regard to what makes a perfect fun park. Powerful and extremely versatile snow groomers are the order of the day. And the best way of meeting those expectations is with the PistenBully 400 Park. ParkFlexTiller, PipeMagician, Front Snow-blower, Snowbucket and ParkBlade. There are numerous accessories for the ParkBully to help in laying out a fun park in a way which provides lots of variety and challenges. Thanks to the panoramic visibility from the cockpit, the driver has no difficulty in controlling the accessories with precision. The driver’s seat can be swivelled about 20 degrees, allowing the driver to have a good view to the rear.

PistenBully 400 with active winch control

The PistenBully 400 is available with active winch control. An ingenious system is at work behind the scenes, producing a shear force on the winch arm via the powerful slewing gear drive, indepen- dently of the selected rope pull and the steering wheel angle. This winch "steering" helps to support steering behaviour on the mountain. It is incredibly easy to use: the driver operates the active winch control via the steering wheel angle. The function can be switched on and off.