PistenBully Scout.
Versatility for off terrain.

The PistenBully Scout is purpose built for utility applications. It sets itself apart by being rugged yet lightweight. It can be transported to the work site on a self tilt trailer pulled behind a conventional pickup truck. More and more companies are learning how advantageous this functionality can be. A good example is a telecommunications firm. It can often be the case that a company of this type has a central storage yard for vehicles and equipment located in the city district. This same company may have several microwave tower sites in remote mountain locations that it must service and maintain which require an off road tracked vehicle for access.

The PistenBully Scout is a perfect match for this situation. It can be left on the trailer in the central storage yard. At a moment's notice, the field technician can hook his truck to the trailer and transport the PistenBully Scout to the staging area for the particular tower site requiring service. Off loading requires only minutes and the field tech is quickly on his way to the tower site. The PistenBully Scout has excellent climbing capability and high maneuverability. Should obstacles be encountered the front blade can be used to level the trail or push away rocks and debris. Count on the PistenBully Scout to move your equipment, supplies and personnel efficiently and dependably.