Full guarantee with original spare parts.

We set the greatest store by the fact that our products are always fit for purpose. If you need spare parts, please use original spare parts. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers of so-called unbranded parts in the market who sell parts that do not reach the required quality level.

This can be demonstrated by using air filters as an example. The job of an air filter is to filter out undesirable airborne particles. If the filter is too coarse, or if it tears, relatively large particles get into the engine, ruining the power unit. It is obvious to anyone that you can’t save money with this filter. But an air filter that lets too little air get to the engine can also prove very expensive for you. Because the engine is no longer being powered with optimal efficiency, this causes the engine operating temperature to rise, resulting in higher operating costs. In extreme cases, oil consumption will also rise dramatically.

It has always been our philosophy, and will be to an even greater degree in the future too, to supply you with top-quality spare parts. So rely on PistenBully original spare parts.