Focussing on the customer.

We use the head start that our innovations have given us in order to continue being the yardstick. Outstanding teamwork with prestigious partners and the constant desire to achieve more, so that we can supply the customer with products of even higher quality – this is precisely the reason why we are always at least two steps ahead of our competitors. This is not only something that you can instinctively sense; it can very often be measured using scientific tests.

In the development of track belts, for example, the tensile strength of the belts is defined as a basis for service life. The figures speak for themselves here, because PistenBully original track belts put through an artificial ageing process show better results than new track belts made by our competitors. Expansion of the material in the tensile test also reveals a great deal about the long service life of track belts, and here too PistenBully original track belts definitely have the advantage. A clear conclusion can be reached on the basis of the slight difference between the values of used and new belts. PistenBully original track belts are by far the best-quality and most durable on the market.

When it comes to the driving wheel, the wheat is soon separated from the chaff, as this part also takes a lot of punishment. We offer the PistenBully Magnum driving wheel with a support ring. This part, in particular, which takes a great deal of strain, was recently considerably refined, and it is unbeaten when it comes to load capacity. The high load capacity per cleat directly benefits service life and, therefore, guarantees the lowest possible running costs. Because whatever we develop or improve, our thoughts centre on the benefit to our customers.