7000 m² storage area


No matter when you bought your PistenBully, we guarantee to supply you with spare parts. It doesn’t matter whether you own the first PistenBully ever made or a model from a low-volume production run, we have the relevant spare parts.

We are happy to deal with the necessary logistical work and big storage areas, because as far as we are concerned, your satisfaction is the main thing. This is why, on average, we stock 20,000 parts in a storage area of approximately 7,000 m² at Laupheim.

For example, we deliver to all countries in Europe within 24 hours using the express-delivery option, and supply most of the world with spare parts in 3 days at the most. On top of this, over 130 service partners in more than 70 countries in the world provide rapid delivery and superb service in your own language.