Ready for any use.

We all know how it works in the snow: the fire-red powerhouse that prepares the world’s slopes and tracks late into the night. However, not all PistenBully are used in the snow. For decades, PistenBully have also been proving their strengths under the hardest conditions on every difficult terrain. Thanks to their fantastic agility, unrivalled shear force and excellent climbing ability matched with low fuel consumption, the PistenBully surpass conventional wheeled vehicles on extreme terrain in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness.

Regardless of whether they are transporting silage in biogas plants, performing landscape conservation work with heavy mulch equipment or, for example, moving a large amount of sludge. PistenBully GreenTech are all-year machines that are just as at home on steep slopes as they are on extremely sensitive terrain. The flexible vehicle concept allows for diverse attachments, such as muck spreaders, plant hole diggers, trenchers and many more. PistenBully GreenTech: