600 Polar SCR

Premium vehicle for maximum ground coverage
The PistenBully 600 Polar SCR has a new generation of hydraulic pumps and optimised front hydraulics. Furthermore, we continually strive to improve our vehicles in every detail. This SCR is the best we’ve ever made. [ more ]

600 SCR

The powerhouse for maximum ground coverage
The PistenBully 600 SCR is equipped with full thrust thanks to an engine with more torque and more powerful hydraulics. Its outstanding steering and drive capabilities result from the completely overhauled drive train. [ more ]

600 E+

The diesel-electric power pack
The world’s first snow groomer with a diesel-electric drive impresses thanks to its performance figures, its cost-effectiveness and its low environmental impact. [ more ]

600 Select

Completely reconditioned
From the high quality standard of the work and the parts used, the new vehicle warranty and the extensive equipment, to an attractive financing and service package*. [ more ]


The specialist for slope and snowpark preparation
The PistenBully 400 offers a perfectly balanced combination of power, weight and size. Heavy work is no problem for the powerful Cummins engine. The All-Way Blade effortlessly moves enormous volumes of snow. [ more ]

400 Park

Designed for perfect parks and ski slopes
The expectations of a perfect snow park rise from season to season. The extreme range of motion of the front blade lets the park builder push, carry and place the snow exactly where needed. [ more ]

100 SCR

The multi-talent for cross-country preparation
The PistenBully 100 SCR demonstrates its strengths on different terrains. It effortlessly prepares cross-country ski tracks, small slopes, winter hiking trails, drag lift or sledge tracks and snowmobile trails. [ more ]


The small for cross-country tracks
The Paana is the expert for classic cross-country tracks, skating trails and winter hiking trails – especially when space is tight, the snow covering is thin, or a light surface pressure is required. [ more ]


The transport genius
Multi-faceted, small and agile. The PistenBully Scout is the ideal vehicle if you want to transport goods or people on impractical terrain. Regardless of whether it is used on mud, moor, snow or ice. [ more ]

Silage 300 GreenTech

Very economical. Great mobility. Max. safety.
PistenBully 300 GreenTech are ideally suited for the harvesting of silage in biogas plants. Thanks to the front-mounted body swap system it is possible to attach various mowing and mulching units. [ more ]

300 Polar Antarctic

Cold-blooded for extreme conditions
You never want to get into trouble in Anarctica. That's why we've designed every minute detail to deal with the extreme operating conditions. The PistenBully is a must have for research teams based in Antarctic regions. [ more ]

100 All Season

Also without snow!
Use in moist areas or off-road the PistenBully 100 All Season can be used where vehicles with wheels have reached their limits. Extremely low ground pressure and high thrust ensure easy advancement. [ more ]