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SNOWsat for third-party vehicles

29 January 2014

Successful pilot projects in Switzerland.
SNOWsat can be installed in any vehicle regardless of the model, manufacturer and intended use. Bergbahnen Engelberg - Titlis has underlined its pioneering status in this area too and has now put the SNOWsat System to use in its other vehicles, not just the PistenBully. Now the system can be installed in all vehicles regardless of manufacturer, operators can cover a larger area of their resorts and achieve even greater efficiency.
SNOWsat has been put to extremely successful use this season by Engelberg / Titlis and by Bergbahnen Flumserberg, and the system continues to set standards in terms of reliability, user-friendliness and technology. Thanks to this winter's poor snowfall, SNOWsat has already become indispensable for skiers in these areas, ensuring the slopes are optimally groomed with the scarce resources available.
In addition to the two Swiss ski resorts, other customers who have chosen the innovative technology from the house of the Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG include Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. In Austria St. Anton is also continuing to rely on SNOWsat for its snow management and, thus, economical and efficient snow grooming!

New technology
The new vehicle system has been completely revised and refined specifically for use in all snow groomers. Equipped with a high-performance, latest-generation computer, an external touch screen and with unrivalled GPS technology from Trimble, SNOWsat also sets the bar as high as it will go in this area. As a result, the system is guaranteed to meet future requirements without requiring a hardware change.
With coverage of over 98 %, including in difficult terrain of narrow slopes, partial forestation and along rock faces, SNOWsat towers above its competition by more than just snow depth!
There are almost no limits in terms of map size. SNOWsat covers 200 hectares of slopes in one map, regardless of the size of the area to be displayed.

The depth map or an orthophoto can be uploaded as background, and various user-specific layers can then be added on top, such as buildings, danger spots (walls, cliffs, crevasses), steep bends, roads, chutes, power lines etc., and operators can also decide whether to display each of these elements individually. SNOWsat is also able to divide the slopes into different sectors. With regard to the water-snow factor, the system calculates the water requirement for the snow required in each sector from the difference between the previously defined minimum snow depth and the measured snow depth. The system then automatically allocates the water requirement to the snow guns in the sector.

Simple operation
Because it is so simple to use, SNOWsat can be handed over to drivers after a very short period of instruction. Intuitive thanks to logical symbols, plus functions and control elements perfectly tailored to need, mean that drivers immediately feel confident with the system and operating errors are prevented. Drivers can choose between displaying snow depth or lanes, or can even combine the two.
Consistent efficiency, optimum slope quality, efficient fleet management, user-friendly and practical snow management, future-oriented technology, and the resulting economical and, thus, environmentally-friendly operation are just a few of SNOWsat's striking features.
Manufacturer independence and, as a consequence, investment security are an additional bonus of the system.

Completely revised, practical snow management system
Displaying gradient and the PistenBully's angle are a necessity for perfectly groomed slopes.
The system also features asimple and structured menu, with altitude and angle as individual, optional display elements.
Two-way positioning for an improved overview and planning in the field!
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