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Rapid assistance

On-site service

We know what the breakdown of a snow groomer means to a ski resort. That’s why Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has been investing for decades in a sophisticated global service network with fast response times. Service engineers and original spare parts are guaranteed to be there within 24 hours. We also operate 130 service stations and offices around the world, which means that we guarantee a personal contact local to you.

On tour

We just want to know: The end-of-season customer visits are an established part in the travel plans of our service people.

Information is everything!
It already smells like coffee when Alexander Dehm arrives at the workshop manager's office in Mammoth Mountain, California. For they have been expecting him. There is lots to talk about with 45 PistenBully vehicles. And Alexander is happy to listen. The Head of Technical Service from Laupheim plans to spend the whole day with this major customer on his 2-week tour through the US. And it is nice to chat over a cup of coffee. This is when he finds out what is going on at the ski resort, what the general mood is like - and shares news from the corporate head office in turn. Naturally, he brought along Rod Elwell, National Service Manager from Reno. He spends more time at the ski resort, of course, and can elaborate a little bit. The first-hand exchange is very interesting to him as well. This goes for general issues as well as technical details. The two complement each other perfectly! Oftentimes, such opportunities are taken to have training sessions on site within the scope of vehicle handovers, for instance, in order to demonstrate theory and practice. In short - to exchange ideas about anything related to effective and resourcefriendly slope management.

Emergency assistance on site
These workshop talks quickly come to focus on essential issues. In some instances, the windshield wiper assembly seems to come loose. Alex looks into the matter, in this case directly on the vehicle, and discusses the options such as tightening the assembly. He records the complaint and then finds out from his colleague in Laupheim that another customer simply uses an M8 screw instead of the M6. In the meantime, this simple solution has proven its worth several times and the series has been changed accordingly. It is often just these small details that help the customer, for instance an optimised tuning in every detail, which can already be implemented on site. Then the customer is happy, and Rod and his service colleagues in North America will have this solution available for other customers as well, of course - perfect!

The customer's wish is our command!
"What is really interesting to us on these tours are the "little ailments", you won't otherwise hear about", says Alexander Dehm. "One relatively small PistenBully driver once approached me, for example, and explained to me that she cannot adjust the armrest far enough for her to really drive ergonomically. Upon clarifying costs and efforts, the re-engineered armrest with a wider adjustment range has now been in production since last year.

Informative road trip
For the next day, visits to three smaller ski resorts are planned. He will explain and learn some things there as well. What was the season like? How is snow production going? What are the issues on the vehicle? What can we fix on the spot? In two weeks, he easily averages 20 visits at best. And many insightful discussions. That is the primary objective of this tour: "We would like to bring as much customer feedback as possible back to the company. After all, we do not engineer the machines for us but for our customers who work with them every day. Then they should comply with their wishes and needs!" So at the end of this visit as well, Alexander Dehm has a pack of information but also assignments and ideas for future vehicle generations which he will forward and process accordingly upon his return.