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PistenBully 100 Park

The smallest and most agile snow groomer
in fun park construction

New Generation

Per request from your side.
Quality and reliability remain while the vehicle concept has been overhauled in close collaboration with international customers. Completely new: the intuitive control, which was developed based on the latest ergonomic insights, the most powerful engine in its class, the eco-friendly exhaust gas technology, the cockpit, the seat and a wealth of other practical innovations.

Pioneering is the completely new kind of operating concept, which includes the operator's entire workstation. The centrepiece of the new control panel, which is fully integrated in the armrest, is an innovatively designed 4-axis joystick, enabling the driver to control the blade intuitively with full freedom of movement with one hand.

Skiers and snowboarders enjoy a special experience in fun parks away from the normal slopes. With the PistenBully 100 Park Kässbohrer presents a small, extremely agile and powerful vehicle, which takes into account the new concept of fun slopes for the whole family. Its special features make it a powerful all-rounder, which is setting completely new standards in park building.

Flexible control
You can steer the PistenBully 100 Park with either a stick control or a semi-circular steering wheel. The ergonomically shaped and intuitively controlled joystick has four main functions that can be utilised simultaneously. It allows perfect control and makes the PistenBully 100 Park highly versatile: lifting and lowering, swivelling, angling, tilting with the highest precision. Efficient and creative shaping and reshaping of banks and structures become child's play.

Increased action radius
Combined with a new, longer push frame, the All-Way-Blade of the PistenBully 100 Park gives the shaper a working radius of 131°. The front push frame also has kinematics specifically designed for park building. With regard to the tried-and-tested snow tiller, the tiller shaft can be switched on in any position as needed. This facilitates - even when grooming steep jumps - extremely precise work.


The best at a glance

Most powerful engine in its class

Economical and efficient: With twenty percent more thrust, the PistenBully 100 4F is now more agile and more powerful. And that with less fuel consumption.

Eco-friendly exhaust gas technology

Low-emission engine according to EU Stage 4, Tier 4 final and ready for conversion to EU Stage 5.

Unrivalled unpolluted

The PistenBully 100 4F is currently the only vehicle in its class that is available from the manufacturer with a diesel particle filter. This reduces pollutant emissions significantly.

New All-Way-Blade High-volume and sensitive

A taller snow guard and extended working widths for greater snow volumes. Synchronized control of side wings with reinforced bearings. Tiller and blade can be operated simultaneously using the joystick.

Longer, better, deeper New quick-change system

Longer quick-change system (QCS) pushframe for improved visibility of the All-Way-Blade and a new lift cylinder for greater range of movement from the quick-change system.

Also usable as park version

With a special quick-change system the PistenBully 100 4F is suitable for use in parks. The back blading feature facilitates perfect grooming of feature finishes.

More bite than ever different working widths

More efficient passes due to a broader tiller shaft and larger working width. More teeth for improved snow surface. Tiller depth and contact pressure of the tiller and track setters can be adjusted autonomously.

Wide range track setters for each use

Precise trail grooming and improved terrain conformance thanks to deeper track setters. When not in use the track tiller (VarioTrackDesigner) can be simply removed without tools.

Chassis and tracks More stable and lower

Best gradability thanks to 4 running axles, higher payloads and improved service accessibility distinguish the chassis of the PistenBully 100 4F. The automatic track tensioning reduces the wear and tear.


Ergonomic and individually adjustable.

Patented iTerminal

Patented iTerminal with optimized user guide thanks to color labelling of the active areas of the vehicle.

Joystick Simply intuitive

With proportional control for intuitive working: The newly developed double-jointed
joystick moves freely in all directions.

Armrest Fatigue-free handling

Armrest with convenient and individually programmable customer buttons.

Park extensions

More possibilities

Flexible control

Extreme motion of the front and rear attachments for perfect shaping and reshaping

Increased action radius

The maximum flexibility of the All-Way-Blade facilitates precise shaping of particular designs.

100 4F Engine

Most powerful engine in its class, economical and efficient.

Technical Data

Type Cummins QSB 6,7
Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.7 l / 6,700 cc
Power output (ECE) 186 kW (253 hp)
max. torque 990 Nm at 1.500 rpm
Fuel consumption from 8.5 l/h (2.24 gal/h) 1,500
Fuel tank capacity 150 l (40 gal)
Tank capacity AdBlue 19 l (5 gal)
Exhaust emission standard Tier 4f


Ready for SNOWsat

Im Fahrzeug wurden sämtliche Schnittstellen für SNOWsat ab Werk bereits integriert. Mit dem optionalen Assistenzbildschirm eröffnet sich für Sie die Welt des wirtschaftlichen und ressourcenschonenden Pisten- und Flottenmanagements.

Mit SNOWsat holen Sie das Maximum aus Ihrer Flotte heraus: Das Flotten-management verbessert die Koordination und Kontrolle aller Fahrzeuge und optimiert die Arbeitsabläufe. Gleichzeitig hilft es Ihnen durch detaillierte Analysen Kraftstoff einzusparen und die Betriebszeiten zu verkürzen. Es steigert die Sicherheit bei der Pistenpräparierung und unterstützt Sie bei der bedarfs-orientierten Produktion von Maschinenschnee.

Übrigens: SNOWsat lässt sich auch in alle anderen Fahrzeuge und Fahrzeugtypen Ihrer Flotte nachträglich installieren.


You'll find more information about the vehicle here.


PistenBully 100
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Data sheet

PistenBully 100
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