Funslope Innovation Days by PistenBully in Sölden

A glimpse of the future: The Funslope Innovation Days by PistenBully, which were attended at the close of the season by over 100 representatives of the press and ropeway operators from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy, to test the latest elements in the purpose-built showcase Funslope. The supporting programme to the two-day event, hosted by young mountain marketing and PistenBully, also included fascinating presentations on the topic of destination development and the option of trying out the new PistenBully 100 FunSlope and the PistenBully 400 ParkPro. The 12 most innovative concepts of the preceding ideas competition were turned into reality on the showcase Funslope, which covered 850 m on Tiefenbachferner. It wasn't just the experts from the ski resorts and the press who were impressed by the Funslope, but also the many skiers who couldn't pass up the unique opportunity to have a closer look and put the solid snow structures and fun elements to the test at their snow premiere. While the tourists tirelessly put the showcase through its paces, the representatives of the ropeway operators were asked to evaluate the 12 innovations and select their favourites. The winning elements: Most votes went to the Double Snail, a concept by Sven Toller, who achieved a convincing majority with 23 percent of the vote, winning the main prize of 3,000 euros for the second time, after the first incarnation of the Funslope Innovation Days in 2015. He was followed in second place by Klara Chovancova's Triple Tunnel with 14 percent of the vote, and in third place by Tom Arthur's Piano with 13 percent. Visitors had the chance to put three snow groomers from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG through their paces in the PistenBully test area. The PistenBully 100 FunSlope with its brand-new, multi-functional joystick was especially popular, even impressing the most experienced Bully drivers, who had a go on the stick themselves and completed their first test runs on the prepared ground. Lisa Zimmermann, the BigAir winner of the X-Games in Aspen, was also there. She and Paul Zach from young mountain marketing provided information about destination development in a short but charming question and answer game. Anyone wanting a better impression of this year's Funslope Innovation Days by PistenBully can take a look at the Funslopes Facebook fan page or watch the video of the two-day event. Roll on winter and one thing is already clear: the Funslopes of the future will be even more of a fun guarantee than before!