With PistenBully Lahti is ready for the WC

PistenBully will also act as supplier to the Nordic World Championships in 2017. This time in Lahti, Finland, again. The world's Nordic audience awaits the 51st Nordic Ski World Championships 2017 in excitement and anticipation. It is the seventh time that Lahti, Finland, in its 100 year old history will play host to the World Championships. 250.000 spectators are expected to watch the games and already over 100.000 tickets have been sold in advance. To put on a successful event, it is crucial to be able to guarantee the best quality snow conditions. PistenBully is the "Official Supplier of track-setting machines for the Nordic Ski World Championship 2017": 6 machines are being used in Lahti. Perfect competition conditions will be granted. The best equipment for the preparation of the tracks
"The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup at the beginning of January 2017 was good to prove ourselves for the World Championship!" Hannu Krouvi, cross country skiing track master in Lahti, is quite relieved now and optimistically looks to the next weeks. "At present we are using four PistenBully - a PistenBully 400, two of the smaller PistenBully 100 and 1 PistenBully Paana. In addition, one PistenBully 300 and a PistenBully 100 4f will be provided by Kässbohrer before the World Championships. We will be perfectly equipped then!"
For the World Championships they need to prepare two different 5 km cross country ski courses in February, one for skate skiing style and one for the traditional classic skiing style. Also a 1 kilometer long warm up loop has to be provided. "We are using the PistenBully 100 with rubber track under soft weather conditions because the rubber tracks don't break the surface of the snow. The Paana will be used for moving the artificial snow to the cross-country ski courses. And we use the PistenBully 100 always for traditional cross-country tracks. The PistenBully 400 however provides a smoother surface for the free skiing style." The cross-country ski tracks are groomed normally in the evening so the track hardens during the night. Hannu Krouvi has to decide often in quite spontaneous way: "We always decide the evening grooming according to the weather situation. If the weather report promises snow for the night, the cross-country skiing track is groomed in the morning. But normally all the tracks are driven at 21.00 o clock. The stadium is always made with big machines and the other tracks with the smaller ones. But the Skiathlon's track is always groomed with a PistenBully 400 because four track grooves are needed." Only professionals at work
There are only 8 groomers who operate at the world championships. That's because the traditional classic style skiing track requires a lot of know-how - especially of the PistenBully 400 with the 4-track groove. During the races all 5 ski trail machines are in use. "The ski jump is always groomed with the roll. But the lower part of the downhill is always finished with a big groomer," says Hannu.
Hannu doesn't only take care for the World Championships. "Lahti also has a 65 kilometer skiing network for normal skiers. If there happens to come a lot of natural snow during the games we will not get bored", Hannu laughs. Anyhow - let's keep the fingers crossed for that!