Nine Royals preparations underway

The Suzuki Nine Knights & Queens events have always been a stage for audacious jumps and astounding freestyle action. The best Knights and Queens of the freestyle world have been showing off their skills in separate events. Now women and men are coming to Watles to take part in the Nine Royals together for the first time. To that end, Schneestern and PistenBully are working together to build an unparalleled snow structure, the Royal Castle. PistenBully is now giving an insight into the design! The Nine Royals will premiere on 1st April 2017. The Nine Knights, i.e. the format for male freeskiers started back in 2008, while the women's event, the Nine Queens, followed in 2011. Over the years, they have been a platform on which the world's elite have performed creative and extreme, technically challenging tricks. Alongside the extraordinary abilities of the athletes, that is thanks to the settings for the events. David Wise, for example, set a new world record at last year's Nine Knights, when he achieved the highest jump in freestyle history of 14.2 metres. Incredibly elaborate and unrivalled kickers have been built with the help of PistenBully. The Nine Royals would not be the Nine Royals though, if it wasn't aiming just that bit higher this year. The Royal Castle has been designed to demand everything of the freeskiers. We are excited and hoping for an action-packed event.