Royally supporting the Suzuki Nine Royals

We are proud to support the newly set up Suzuki Nine Royals in the four years to come, as the previous Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens events have been popular far beyond the world of Freestyle winter sports. From now on, Knights and Queens will inspire one another at their common event showing technical tricks, style and positive vibes. Since last year's Nine Knights event "The Perfect Hip" in Watles, South Tyrol in Italy, "common" winter athletes have come to know this event highlight at the latest. On the biggest Hip ever built in the history of Freeskiing or Snowboarding, two athletes managed to break world records for the highest Airs. New concept with familiar support The concept of Nine Royals unites the two previous events in one totally new event. For the first time in Watles, both female and male Riders will unite to present their skills. To be able to do so, they will be provided with a unique setup, as it was the case at previous events. A "snow castle" beyond all imaginations. As in previous years, the castle will be built by our cooperation partner Schneestern. Again, the experts for building such setups will use PistenBully power to move and shape countless cubic metres of snow for this event. Two massive Big-Air-Kickers, two Hips, numerous Transitions and Redirects as well as Jibs - these are the setup facts of the Suzuki Nine Royals. And this setup is only made possible because Schneestern is able to rely on the right Hardware. In this special case, the PistenBully ParkPro series will provide everything the snow park experts need: The vehicles must perform excellently at all times, stand firm under difficult conditions 24/7 and deliver exactly the tensile force, climbing skills and range of motion needed for freestyle winter sports setups. We are happy to provide support – and are looking forward to many new records! • Video •