None cleaner

Respect for the environment is critical in the mountains. It’s a good thing that the strict exhaust regulations also apply there. Kässbohrer is the first and only snow groomer supplier that has already implemented the latest exhaust regulations of EU Stage V: the new PistenBully 600 is by far the cleanest vehicle on the market. Impressive performance with economical engine
The developers wanted more than mere conformity, however. They also looked at consumption, performance, climbing ability, maintenance. With the Cummins X12, the new PistenBully 600 has a engine that meets all requirements brilliantly.

Quiet and clean

It is the quietest and cleanest engine in its class and is the first and only snow groomer to meet the requirements of EU Stage V. It is extremely eco-friendly thanks to its diesel particle filter fitted as standard. Economical and powerful
Despite low fuel consumption this engine has much more power and torque than its predecessor. The 300-litre tank gives it enormous range – making it efficient and cost-effective to run. Easy to maintain
Things always get bigger. But a PistenBully has limited space. The Cummins X12 is not only very compact and lighter, but also simple in design. The components are less complex and access has been improved. This makes it easy to inspect and maintain and less prone to faults and defects. Mechanics can make repairs quicker and more effectively – reducing downtime. Improved performance
The new PistenBully 600 is the lightest vehicle in its class. Coupled with its powerful engine of 461 hp (even 520 hp in the Polar version), this leads to the best power to weight ratio and extremely high power generation. This is especially apparent when the job calls for extreme gradability and thrust.