There's no terrain more varied than a ski slope - sometimes hilly, sometimes flat, but always uneven. PistenBully's new SlopeTracer is an assistance system that guarantees perfect contour matching of the tiller. It carefully follows the terrain, automatically correcting for irregularities - completely attuned to the driver's wishes. This benefits slope quality. Made possible by the angle of inclination
The aims of the developers at Kässbohrer were very clear: the tiller should sit perfectly on the surface under all chassis and terrain conditions - simultaneously delivering consistent tiller depth. A sensitive angle and acceleration sensor at the front of the PistenBully registers the vehicle position and uses this to calculate a surface model. This provides the input used to regulate tiller depth. The steering follows the surface precisely under the driver's control. Simple operation via iTerminal
The driver can choose between the two SlopeTracer assistance modes on the main iTerminal page:
  • Contour Matching
    After selecting the contour matching mode, a slider appears on the screen, which can be used to work in a range from - 10 to + 10. This makes the settings more effective for the driver and, thus, simpler:
    reference value 0 represents optimal, absolutely consistent contour matching of the tiller. Increasing the value towards +10 also raises the correction value, enhancing the contours: depressions and crests are more pronounced. Reducing the value into the negative range also reduces the correction value. The slope geometry is calmed, depressions are filled in and crests slightly levelled.

  • Parallel Mode
    Many drivers still love the simple operation of the tiller on the PistenBully 400. It is possible to simulate the behaviour of the PistenBully 400 parallel equipment rack on the new PistenBully 600 by selecting parallel mode. This makes the tiller on the new PistenBully 600 behave in a comparable way to the tried-and-tested PistenBully 400. Major advantage: the combined equipment rack facilitates huge movement radii - paired with the tried-and-tested behaviour of the PistenBully 400.