Peace Park

This past week (3 Nov. 2019) saw the debut of Woodward Peace Park Championships 2019 on ABC’s weekly TV show “World of X Games”

The event took place at Boreal Mountain, California last spring. This was the 7th Peace Park, the creation of Danny Davis, one of the  most influential and celebrated riders of the modern era.  Designed as a course catering to the freestyle element of snowboarding it was composed of features that don’t go together in the more traditional competitions. During the 5 day format the riders were judged in the High Air Hip, Half Park, Triple Jump, Highest Hand Plant Wall and Banked Slalom. 

Danny invites an eclectic group of snowboarders but included were Olympians Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson. Woodward Tahoe hosted the event and contracted Snow Park Technologies to build the course. SPT put their fleet of PistenBully ParkPros to work pushing, shaping and sculpting massive amounts of snow to produce a super fun and challenging Woodward Peace Park Check out PistenBully action on our YouTube channel @PistenBullyVideos!