For quite a few years now, it has been an education facility and training camp for drivers and mechanics. Now it is being relaunched as an international academy for experts: the PRO ACADEMY. 

Under this umbrella, a professional training academy that caters to managers, drivers and technicians, all on equal terms, is being born. The objective: providing support to fully utilize the potential of innovative technology. With this, slope management is to become even more professional and efficient while treating natural resources even more gently. 

A portfolio with the right offer for all
The PRO ACADEMY is a professional training academy for managers, drivers and technicians. Both individuals and corporate clients can book their places for the non-proprietary training courses. With three academic areas and various types of training, the PRO ACADEMY offers a suitable concept for all. Whether you're a novice, have some experience or would like to approach us with a request for individualized consultation: thanks to the level system, anybody can use this offer as it suits them best. 

Individually-tailored training
All practical PRO ACADEMY training modules take place in the client's own ski area and with the client's own vehicles and/or snow cannons. As a result, drivers are already familiar with the available vehicles, systems as well as the slopes and surroundings, and can fully concentrate on training. As they are accompanied and trained during their everyday work, downtime is avoided, and the slopes will be perfectly prepared for the next morning. 

The PRO ACADEMY level system 
The three-level system includes various training modules that build upon each other. Depending on the topic, the modules can be completed as theoretical and/or practical training courses, as well as convenient online courses. At the end of each module or level, an examination is taken. Successful graduates receive an official performance record (certificate). 

Quality instead of quantity: Special training 
In addition to the level system, the PRO ACADEMY offers special courses for corporate clients. The training contents are precisely aligned with the individual requirements and requests for these clients. The special courses are held in the ski area, on-site, and can be freely combined. 

Consulting and management
Today, technology offers all options for efficient and environmentally friendly slope preparation, as well as for the sustainable use of existing natural resources. To fully utilize potential while saving costs, individualized consultation and training programs with various focal points are part of the program. We convey how to enhance the efficiency and quality of work, while simultaneously communicating knowledge on environmental preservation – all at the client's site. 

Motivation as a factor for success
Learning content that logically builds upon each other and a training concept that provides participants with motivation: different levels of expectations, regular tests and verifiable certification represent the PRO ACADEMY level system. The objective is to enable all employees to reach the top in their respective areas. Let's go!

Not a single vehicle or product of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has been designed merely to be put to work. They are made for achieving a perfect result—as resource-sparing and cost-efficient as possible. This is what we mean by professional work. And it is for this very purpose that we offer the PRO ACADEMY.
Florian Profanter, Director of PRO ACADEMY