SNOWsat news

New year, new web presence

SNOWsat now has its very own website at www.snowsat.com

Product information and news relating to the satellite-guided snow and fleet management system are now laid out more clearly for you on the new homepage.  The start page offers the perfect overview of all the software’s benefits: explaining how you can work more efficiently and save costs with SNOWsat. More information is to be found under “Products”. You will find all information on the three different vehicle systems here, as well as on the software and hardware that is installed in the vehicles. The “Features” page is where things get really exciting. A clear presentation of all the functions currently offered by SNOWsat is provided here for users and potential buyers. 

Thanks to the many features, your snow groomers not only become more efficient to use, but also more sustainable: fuel consumption can be reduced substantially across the fleet using the acquired data. The current broad range will expand rapidly in the future – that much is certain. Naturally the new SNOWsat website also includes the most important service hotlines and details of how to get in touch with your personal points of contact. Which means you can be sure of fast assistance to get things running smoothly again if anything goes wrong. A major plus: you can use your smartphone or tablet to access the website at anytime to retrieve information or contact details while out and about, in the ski resort, for example.