KFX- Kässbohrer Fast Exchange

Quick attachment and detachment of the tiller without leaving the vehicle


This one-of-a-kind system for quickly attaching and detaching the tiller in under 30 seconds – without leaving the vehicle – will soon enable extraordinarily efficient, flexible and precise use of the tiller. 

The KFX locks automatically and without losing hydraulic oil. It reduces the load on the steel structure and tiller as well as the risk of expensive collision damage. It makes it easier to drive into the garage when space is tight. Weighing 1200 kg less, the vehicle provides greater pushing and climbing performance, for example, when approaching the anchor point. Without the additional weight of the tiller, grading of the slope also becomes more efficient. Then the tiller is docked in a flash and the grooming can begin.

And you get all of this for both winch and solo vehicles.

The idea emerges, the trial is developed toward series production and soon it's rigorously tested. Look forward to it!