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Used PistenBully directly from the manufacturer

PistenBully stand for quality, reliability and durability. We also feel obligated to meet this standard when it comes to our used vehicles. We put a used PistenBully through its paces before it's sold. Engine, pumps, framework, tracks, attachments and much more – our service staff take a close look at everything. They know everything about PistenBully and perform all necessary repairs. Working for our customers in the ski resorts during the season is a valuable aid: our service team's broad range of knowledge flows into the reconditioning work on the used PistenBully. All show and no substance? Not with used PistenBully. To ensure their appearance also makes a good impression, they are conditioned and the driver's cabin and chassis are painted in the company's own paintshop.

You Choose, We repair

Quality knows no compromise at PistenBully. Whether new or used – best technical performance is a must. Just speak to us about the scope of repair or warranty: you decide whether your used vehicle will be finished to an ECONOMY, BASIC, STANDARD or PREMIUM standard.

  • Creation of test report
  • Creation of test report
  • One After-Sales Service
  • Repairing the parts that are necessary for operation
  • Inspection and repair of the vehicle, the tracks, and the additional equipment
  • If necessary, replacement of wear parts and defective components with factory-repaired components
  • Complete optical repair
  • Test run of the vehicle
  • Installation and functional testing of all additional equipment
  • Services in the event of a warranty claim


For original Kässbohrer parts, we provide a warranty of twelve months or for the first 500 hours of operation. Services in the event of a warranty claim: Delivery of spare parts or repair of defective parts that were replaced or repaired during the standard repair. Assumption of the costs for removal and installation as well as travel expenses.

  • Reconditioning according to KGF checklist
  • Complete repair and general overhaul of the vehicle, chains, as well as additional equipment
  • If necessary, replacement of wear parts and defective components with factory-repaired components
  • Complete optical overhaul, including repainting of the cab and the base frame
  • Test run of the vehicle
  • Attachment and functional testing of all additional equipment
  • Acceptance and approval of the vehicle by our customer-oriented quality center


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Model overview 

1999-2010 / since 2010 
PistenBully 100

The PistenBully 100 is an all-rounder that shows its strength on different terrains. Its specialties: Cross-country ski trail maintenance, small slopes and hiking trails, drag lift and sled tracks, as well as snowmobile trails. 

1997-2004 (Mercedes Benz OM 906 LA) / 2005-2007 (Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA)
PistenBully 200

You can rely on the PistenBully 200. Low operating costs as well as long maintenance intervals are powerful intervals for the agile middleweight. 

1995-2000 / 2000-2007 
PistenBully 300 / 300 Kandahar

Precise work, safety and comfortable operation - these are the characteristics that distinguish the PistenBully 300 and PistenBully 300 Kandahar. The vehicle's sophisticated design ensures perfect slopes and optimum accessibility.

PistenBully 300 W / 300 W Kandahar

The PistenBully 300 W / PistenBully 300 W Kandahar impresses with its cost-effectiveness, long service life and ease of operation, as does the winch, which can be completely rotated through 360° and has a stable, durable rope.

2002-2005 / since 2006
PistenBully 300 Polar

A real professional - the PistenBully 300 Polar combines gentle processing, precise preparation even of extreme terrain shapes and efficient snow management.

2002-2005 / from 2006
PistenBully 300 W Polar

The PistenBully 300 W Polar impresses with a balanced combination of three-stage travel speed and powerful winch traction.  All parameters can be conveniently set electronically. 

PistenBully Select

PistenBully 600

Select is the most comprehensive repair and warranty option for your used PistenBully 600, PistenBully 600 W, PistenBully 600 Polar or PistenBully 600 Polar W. Learn more!

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