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Photo contest 2019

Send us your best PistenBully photo!

The photos should be of very good quality (300 dpi or DIN A4 enlargement). Participants agree that Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG owns all the rights of use for the photos.

You can win a PistenBully 100 model (scale: 1:43). The winners will get a written notification. The judge's decision is final. Publication of the winning photographs on the PistenBully website at the end of the season. The participants agree that their photos will be published.

Send us your best PistenBully photo:
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
Photo contest
Kässbohrerstr. 11
88471 Laupheim

or via e-mail:

Please don't forget to send us your postal address, if you transfer your picture by e-mail. Closing day on April 30st 2019.

Entries 2017/18

[Translate to EN:] Patric Labhardt, CH

Patric Labhardt, CH

[Translate to EN:] Philipp Hanke, DE

Philipp Hanke, DE

[Translate to EN:] Neil Robertson, GB-SCT

Neil Robertson, GB-SCT

[Translate to EN:] Daniel Vogler, CH

Daniel Vogler, CH

[Translate to EN:] Romain Daniel, CH

Romain Daniel, CH

[Translate to EN:] Bruce Engdahl, US

Bruce Engdahl, US

[Translate to EN:] Charlie Munro, GB-SCT

Charlie Munro, GB-SCT

[Translate to EN:] Matthias Langhans, AT

Matthias Langhans, AT

[Translate to EN:] Gstrein Florian, AT

Gstrein Florian, AT

[Translate to EN:] Reinhold Karol Grohmann, RO

Reinhold Karol Grohmann, RO

Special Price 2018

[Translate to EN:] Damara Overney, CH

Damara Overney, CH

Old tiller shafts: can be used as hammock frames during summer time, in Christmas time as lighting carrier.
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