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16 September 2015

Once again this year, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is offering the chance to select the right used PistenBully, to put it through its paces and compare it to the alternatives directly on-site. The firm's doors will be opened anew to interested customers in time for the winter season. Over 70 vehicles will be on show in Laupheim to their potential new owners from 16 - 18.09.2015

Unbelievable offers on used vehicles at sensational prices - with discounts of up to 50 % - will be up for grabs once again this year. Alongside the vehicles, you will also find a large selection of used tracks, track-setting equipment and attachments.

Vehicles will be available in all categories - from all model ranges, age groups and operating times/stages of use:

From the cost-effective used PistenBully without reconditioning, through ready-to-go used PistenBully without guarantee, to the extensive repair and guarantee options for PistenBully 100, 200, 300 (W) and 400 (W).

The most extensive reconditioning and guarantee options for all models of the PistenBully 600 range.

PistenBully are all-year machines that work just as well on steep slopes as they do on extremely sensitive terrain. In addition to work in biogas plants, for agricultural management with a heavy mulcher or for transporting a large amount of sludge, the flexible vehicle concept means the machines can also be used with diverse attachments, such as dung spreaders, plant hole drillers, trench cutters and many more.

Spare parts:
Particularly interesting: customers buying a vehicle at the BigDealDays can have the experts from Spare Part Sales put together a personal spare parts package for them right there in Laupheim, which is specially tailored to the PistenBully they've bought - and this with an additional special discount of 20 %.

Just like last year, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is deliberately not hosting a large programme of supporting events, in order to keep prices as low as possible for the customer.

Customers planning to buy a used PistenBully and to attend the BigDealDays 2015 in Laupheim, should either contact their applicable area sales manager directly, or the Used Vehicles contact at the head office in Laupheim on +49 (0)7392 - 900 424, or send an email to info@bigdealdays.com. These people will be happy to tell you about all the offers in advance and will be on hand during the agreed visit to answer any other queries you may have.

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