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Personnel cabins

Cab 20 pers. / 1,600 kg

Off-road passenger transport

Do you want to move up to 20 people or materials up to 1,600 kg across any kind of terrain? Then we've got the answer. By mounting our transport cab on your PistenBully, there's nothing you can't achieve. You can choose between seating for 15 or 20 people. The new generation of personnel cab can be optionally fitted to the PistenBully 200/ 300/ 300 Polar, as well as the PistenBully 400 and PistenBully 600.

The personnel cab is constructed of an extremely robust steel rib structure with GRP components. The ROPS-certificate provides uncompromising protection for all passengers. 

The cab is fitted out in the interior with a soundproofing, heat-insulating, and extremely hard-wearing non-woven fleece material. 

Entry is via the driver's side by means of a set of steps which can be drawn out over the tracks and an access ladder. The pedestral is made by a non-slip grid. A bar handle is secured to the inside of the door, which serves as an aid to climbing up when the cab door is open.

The cab is fitted out with four fold-up bench seats, facing forwards and backwards respectively in relation to the direction of travel.Automatic seat belts and holding bars provide for the passengers' safety. 

The cab lighting reacts by means of door contact switches.A diesel heating system provides for the heating of the cab, supplied from a separate fuel tank. The windows in the front and rear of the cab can be pivoted to provide ventilation. The heating also provides a good room climate by fresh air intake and it prevents fogged windows.

Inside the cab are an emergency hammer and a fire extinguisher, while a hinged window is integrated into the roof, which at the same time serves as an emergency exit. Contact between the driver and occupants is maintained by means of a intercom.

The personnel cab can be mounted and removed again with little effort, leaving the loading surface once again fully available. With the personnel cab mounted, a snow tiller can be fitted, although with a reduced elevation height.


You'll find more information about the product here.


Passenger Cab
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