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Help from above

SNOWsat is a professional slope and fleet management system with snow depth measurement, which is based on satellite-guided positioning.

Snow depth measurement
The current position of the snow groomer is continually plotted to an accuracy of a few centimeters. The value that results after deducting the vehicle height is then compared with the depth value of a digital terrain model (reference depth) stored in the system. The snow depth at the current vehicle position is the difference between these two heights.

Precise positioning is essential for high-accuracy snow depth measurement. This requires correction signals, which eliminate system-related inaccuracies, increasing positioning accuracy still further. The SNOWsat base station calculates these figures using GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite signals. The correction signals are sent to the snow groomers directly or with the help of repeaters. These may be required to guarantee optimum reception in ski resorts with complex topography.
In the snow groomer the GNSS receiver and the on-board computer continually calculate position, snow depth and other vehicle data, record it and present it on the touchscreen in the driver's cab. When the vehicle is within range of a SNOWsat WiFi access point the data is automatically transmitted to the SNOWsat server and stored there.

Slope and fleet management
The analysis software being used with SNOWsat enables the slope and fleet managers to access diverse information and perform additional analysis processes. This results in diverse effects: optimized workflows and vehicle routes, for example, increase efficiency and also reduce fuel consumption. Vehicle data and snow depths are displayed easily and clearly on a map of the ski resort.
The production of man-made snow is one of the biggest cost factors in a ski resort. SNOWsat delivers detailed information on which snow guns need to be activated and when. This enables the resort to optimize use of the snow groomers and produce snow only as needed. An enormous financial advantage, which covers the investment costs in a surprisingly short time.

Orientation and safety
SNOWsat also provides the driver with an overview of all important information. It actively supports orientation around the site - regardless of the weather or visibility conditions. In addition to displaying snow depths, slope edges, snowmaking facilities, roads and paths, the system also warns drivers of danger zones and alerts them to the presence of other snow groomers and their winch ropes, if these vehicles are equipped with SNOWsat systems.

Vehicle system
Your PistenBully or even a third-party vehicle are equipped with the chosen SNOWsat vehicle system. This can be done either ex works or locally in the ski resort. There are various systems to choose from, individually tailored for slope management and/or complete fleet management.

How it works!

High saving and optimisation potentials, plus many additional benefits, make SNOWsat a worthwhile investment in the future for any ski resort



15 %* less man-made snow
Snow produced only as needed
Real-time display of snow depth in the vehicle
Accuracy of snow depth measurement to within +/- 3 cm

Fuel consumption

8 %* less fuel consumption
Saving thanks to optimized routes and more economical driving
Real-time display of tracks taken

Less operating time

5 %* less operating time
Reduction through analysis and optimization of operating tasks

Everything at a glance

Touchscreen in the vehicle

• Map display of in the ski resort including anchor points, snow guns, slope edges, etc.
• Vehicle route display
• Snow depth display (current position and whole ski resort)


• Detailed display and evaluation of recorded vehicle data
• Timeline view to identify workflows
• Individual views (e.g. engine data v. speed)

SNOWsat Fleet

• Graphs and tables showing detailed vehicle data and groomed slopes
• Facilitates efficient deployment of vehicle fleet
• Driver and cost centre management
• Export function


• Graphic display of snow depth with an accuracy of +/- 3 cm
• Snow management to optimise snow production
• Data exchange with snow-making facilities

SNOWsat 2018

SNOWsat Z as a webbrowser application

SNOWsat „ToDo“

Visualization of the snow depth at the blade

SNOWsat display

A system that continues to be refined: SNOWsat is once again entering the upcoming season with new features

We proudly present: SNOWsat 2018
Together with our customers, we have pushed the development of SNOWsat another step forward. The new features have been tested last winter and will be available beginning with the season 18/19.

SNOWsat Z as a webbrowser application
Slope managers and snow makers can now access snow depth data from anywhere - from the slope, the office or their living room. The snow depth view can now be displayed on all mobile end devices such as smartphone sand tablets and on all operating systems (Android and iOS).

SNOWsat "ToDo"
Tasks to be done that are spotted by the Ski Patrol or the slope manager at the ski resort during the day are immediately noted, scheduled and turned into an order for the appropriate driver and machine. These orders are automatically copied into the SNOWsat V2/V3 vehicle system the next time the PistenBully is started. This lets the driver complete the job promptly without making any special notes. All active, pending and completed orders can be viewed in the vehicle. Information is also webbrowser based in SNOWsat Fleet and viewable from anywhere. This makes communication easier and increases efficiency.

Visualization of the snowdepth at the blade
The driver can see the snow depth at three spots of the blade. This feature simplifies work, especially when building parks! The most important movements are displayed in the blade visualization and are supported by information about snow depth.

SNOWsat display
The new PistenBully 100 and 600 generation offers the ability to recognize details with greater ease on the new 10" monitor. Its new position no longer requires looking at the side, and work becomes more ergonomic.

New features

[Translate to EN:] Datenaustausch in Echtzeit mit SNOWsat

Data exchange in real time

All important data is exchanged in real time between the vehicles (snow depth, winch cable, positions and track).
[Translate to EN:] Höhere Verfügbarkeit der Schneetiefenmessung mit SNOWsat

Greater availability of snow depth measurement

Thanks to parallel use of XFill, radio (UHF) and mobile radio, the availability of snow depth measurement has been improved. Crucial for large and topologically complex ski resorts.
[Translate to EN:] Informationen sind überall verfügbar mit SNOWsat

Informationen available everywhere

SNOWsat Fleet and CAN may be used on all mobile end devices. Anywhere and at any time.
[Translate to EN:] SNOWsat einsetzbar in allen Pistenraupen

Support for all vehicles

SNOWsat fleet management supports all vehicles at the ski resort. From the PistenBully to the snowmobile.
[Translate to EN:] SNOWsat liefert individuelle Statistiken

Individual statistics

There are new statistical functions for snow and fleet management that can be selected individually. Including evaluation and export options.
[Translate to EN:] Mit SNOWsat erhalten Sie automatisch Reports

Automatic reports via email

Reports may now be sent automatically via email to selected recipients in the ski resort. Daily, weekly or monthly.


Arnold Holl Jungholz

"SNOWsat has become a powerful tool for us in the preparation of outstanding slopes. We use it to decide when to move the snow-making systems." [ more ]

Brad Wilson Diamond Peak

"The SNOWsat system provided and installed by PistenBully was extremely helpful for Diamond Peak being able to provide a quality experience to our customer." [ more ]

Anton Ostler Bay. Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG

"We were able to test the system in winter 2012/2013. It impressed us immediately. Because ist saves real money – and saved us throughout the season during the past snow-poor winter." [ more ]

Jack Coughlin Diamond Peak

"SNOWsat has been a valuable tool for grooming as well as for snowmaking. With this year’s low snow conditions the grooming staff is better able to manage the snow surface." [ more ]

Fernando Perathoner S.I.T.C. S.p.A.

"Despite the warm weather last week we are not worried about the end of the season. We are very relaxed because we are superbly equipped." [ more ]

Martin Hug Laax

“With just one partner you get to the goal faster and more cost-effectively. Take improved communication between the machines SNOWsat lays the base for that. We want to keep developing this.” [ more ]

Michael Maier Sölden

"We are absolutely convinced by the efficiency. The snow depth measurement shows drivers the exact volume and location of the natural snow and artificial snow when they're engaged in secondary snow production." [ more ]

John Burton Timberline Lodge

"Knowing where drop offs are is vital. SNOWsat will pay dividends down the road!” [ more ]

Michel Frison-Roche Les Saisies

„The winters are getting ever more difficult, which makes machine-made snow ever more important to us. SNOWsat saved us this winter at the start of the season, which saw little snow production and little natural snow." [ more ]

Matthias In-Albon Gstaad

"I had already known about SNOWsat for a while. The system has really been upgraded over the last few years." [ more ]

Tyler Fairbank Jiminy Peak

"I would highly recommend it. We can’t imagine living without it!" [ more ]

Thomas Lingg Imbergbahn

“We have been able to keep the valley downhill open for much longer. This means a six-figure income boost for us. We have invested our money really well here!” [ more ]

Marco Luggen and Toni Fuhrer Grindelwald

"The main benefit we see is that drivers get their feedback 1:1 in the vehicle and can react straightaway to that." [ more ]

Stephan Schelbli Titlis Bergbahnen

"Thanks to SNOWsat we can also offer perfect slopes in a snow-poor winter. The investment in snow management is worth it: skier days with us at Titlis are actually increasing." [ more ]

700 snow groomers have already been fitted with SNOWsat worldwide.


Klausberg Skiarena Italy

Dantercepies S.P.A. Italy

Jiminy Peak USA

Schnalstaler Bergbahnen

Schnalstaler Bergbahnen Italy

Kotelnica Poland

Les Houches Frankreich

Tele Villars Gryon Switzerland

Thüringer Wald Deutschland

Réallon France

Colfosco Italien

Alta Badia Italien

SIT Canazei Italy

Levi Finland

Funivie Madonna Di Campiglio Italy

Les Saisies France

Zugspitze Top of Germany Germany

La Toussuire France

Annaberg Lifte Austria

Hochkrimmler Seilbahnen Austria

Engelberg - Titlis Switzerland

Hochkönig Austria

Sierra Nevada Spain

Söllereck Bahn Germany

Les 2 Alpes 3600 France

Alpe D’Huez France

Ski Juwel Austria

Flumser Berg Switzerland

Happy Gschwandtkopf Lifte Austria

Isaberg Sweden

Mount St. Louis CANADA

JASNA Slovakia

Imbergbahn Skiarena Germany

Jungfrau Ski Region Switzerland

Warth Austria

Carosello Italy

Almtal-Bergbahnen Austria

Olympiaregion Seefeld Austria

Gerlitzen-Kanzelbahn Austria

Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll Austria

Tourismusverband Kaprun Austria

Rosshütte Austria

Unterberghornbahnen Austria

Gerlospass Königsleiten Austria

Feldberg Germany

Patscherkofel Austria

St. Vigil Italy

Männlichen Switzerland

Bergbahnen Sölden

Sölden Austria

Golm the first mountain in Montafon

Golm Austria

Mariazeller Bürgeralpe

Mariazeller Bürgeralpe Austria

Grossglockner Heiligenblut

Heiligenblut Austria


Stoos Switzerland

Skiarea Miara

Skiarea Miara Italy


Meiringen-Hasliberg Switzerland


Wurzeralm Austria


Hinterstoder Austria


Gstaad Switzerland

St. Moritz Switzerland

Val Thorens Frankreich

Cardrona New Zealand

Diamond Peak United States

Orelle France

Jungholz - Die Schneesicheren Austria

Mottolino - Fun Mountain Italy

Gemeindealpe Austria

Weisse Arena Switzerland

Every one of our existing customers has helped to make SNOWsat what it is today.


Mike Sova

Mt. St. Louis Moonstone [ more ]

Andre Huter

Mt. St. Louis Moonstone [ more ]

Juan Sánchez

Sierra Nevada [ more ]


You'll find more information here.

SNOWsat Brochure

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SNOWsat has an own facebook-page.
Just take a look here!


No obstacle too big

28 November 2018
SNOWsat makes your park construction easier! [ more ]

SNOWsat ToDo

16 July 2018
Ticked off! - SNOWsat ToDo optimises communication in the ski resort [ more ]

Three points ahead!

12 June 2018
Amazing new functions of SNOWsat’s 3-point blade measurement [ more ]

SNOWsat Award

8 May 2018
SNOWsat is the winner of the Digital Mountain Awards 2018 for SNOWsat Analytics! [ more ]

Promising future!

1 February 2018
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG enters cooperation with a promising future: The objective is the development of a new product: SNOWsat Analytics [ more ]

Less is more

19 December 2017
Swiss TV visits the snow: Gstaad saved CHF 300,000 and did something for the environment at the same time. [ more ]

SNOWsat on facebook

13 September 2017
Now SNOWsat has an own facebook-page. [ more ]

Enormous savings

5 July 2017
The Swiss are pros at handling money. PistenBully is the pro for slopes. By using SNOWsat and the PRO ACADEMY St. Moritz has saved 224,000 Swiss francs. [ more ]

Josh Nelson Promoted to SNOWsat Sales Manger

17 April 2017
We are excited to announce that PistenBully New England Branch Manager, Josh Nelson, has accepted the position of SNOWsat Sales Manager for North America. ... [ more ]

Perfectly prepared in St. Moritz

13 February 2017
That counted in the final run-up to the World Championships [ more ]

PistenBully supports the Cross Alps Tour

11 November 2016
PistenBully is once again supporting the Cross Alps Tour, which takes place this year from 9th to 22nd December, at three of four locations. [ more ]

Laax puts all its faith in PistenBully

12 October 2016
Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG (CH) has not only returned to a pure PistenBully fleet, but is also switching its snow and fleet management. [ more ]



Valter Tura

Managing Director
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