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Photo Contest 2018

[Translate to EN:] Patric Labhardt, CH

Patric Labhardt, CH

[Translate to EN:] Philipp Hanke, DE

Philipp Hanke, DE

[Translate to EN:] Neil Robertson, GB-SCT

Neil Robertson, GB-SCT

[Translate to EN:] Daniel Vogler, CH

Daniel Vogler, CH

[Translate to EN:] Romain Daniel, CH

Romain Daniel, CH

[Translate to EN:] Bruce Engdahl, US

Bruce Engdahl, US

[Translate to EN:] Charlie Munro, GB-SCT

Charlie Munro, GB-SCT

[Translate to EN:] Matthias Langhans, AT

Matthias Langhans, AT

[Translate to EN:] Gstrein Florian, AT

Gstrein Florian, AT

[Translate to EN:] Reinhold Karol Grohmann, RO

Reinhold Karol Grohmann, RO

Special Price 2018

[Translate to EN:] Damara Overney, CH

Damara Overney, CH

Old tiller shafts: can be used as hammock frames during summer time, in Christmas time as lighting carrier.
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