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Small allrounder - PistenBully 100

15 April 2016

In addition to the classical use on the slopes or on cross-county ski runs, the power equipment of PistenBully is increasingly needed for the construction of snow parks. The Schneestern crew relys on these machines and they're in daily use. Especially after a difficult season like this one, which was marked by lack of snowfalls and strong weather and temperature fluctuations, one all rounder could especially establish itsself: The PistenBully 100. The light weight and maneuverability are just two advantages that this snow groomer offers for works in the park.

This winter has put a lot of ski resorts on a tough test, because it was one of the warmest on meteorological records. Under these circumstances it is really important, especially in lower lying areas like Nesselwang, to have a partner like PistenBully, who offers the appropriate equipment for every level of snow. The PistenBully 100 was one of the most important snow groomers for the Schneestern crew, who is responsible for building the snow park in Nesselwang. Despite the missing snowfalls and the lack of opportunities to produce artificial snow, it was possible to build the park already at the beginning of the season. The main reason for this was the advantage to have the PistenBully 100 at the park, which headshaper Tim Gaernter used every day. Due to its low weight and the low chain webs, this machine can already be moved with a little snow base and for the same reason it's gentler with the underground.

Thanks to its small dimensions the PB 100 is extremely agile and outperforms its bigger counterparts under certain conditions. This snow groomer makes it possible to position more obstacles in a small area, since the machine only needs a 4-5m wide track of the slope. Thus, less snow is needed to build the features in the park, because you naturally need a smaller building area. Another benefit are the side finishers. They make it possible to realize clean transitions between the groomed tracks even at very slushy conditions. Headshaper Tim Gaertner is absolutely thrilled by these advantages: "The PB 100 is a super clear and directly responsive machine that makes working in the park fun! Kart feeling. Precission is very important when I have to reashape for the floodlight operation at the snow park in Nesselwang, because then we only have about two hours time to prepare the entire park. The PB 100 is on point!"

A good example of the successful use of the PistenBully 100 was the final of the event series Red Bull Station Riots at the snow park in Nesselwang some weeks ago. Because of poor conditions, snow had the be transportet by truck to Nesselwang to make the event happen. Due to Tim Gaertner, the amount of snow needed for the snow park could be kept very low because with the PistenBully 100 it was possible, to move the snow to the exact right places in the park. Another bonus are the extendable and retractable edges at the tiller of the caterpillar. They allow to work precisely on the obstacles, which is in the end very time efficient and saves money. This was a huge advantage prior to an event because despite the most difficult snow conditions, the park could be built very quickly and in the end the shapers saved time and money. Since the pro snowboarder Jesse Paul stayed a day longer in Nesselwang to film an edit the next day, the Schneestern crew had to reshape the complete setup on the same evening.

To sum it up it can be said, that the PistenBully 100 is a true all-rounder and may well have advantages over its larger fleet comrades in matching scenarios.

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