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Sölden goes SNOWsat

30 September 2016

The fleet is already pure PistenBully. Now the 25 vehicles are also being fully kitted out with SNOWsat to meet the high demands and tackle the diverse tasks that continually arise in a ski resort of such a large size.

Top priority: cost efficiency with best snow quality
The primary goal – as everywhere, but especially in such a large ski resort like Sölden – is to increase efficiency in snow grooming. 23 vehicles are getting the full treatment with the fleet and snow management system, enabling managers to access diverse information and perform further analyses. This results in diverse effects: optimised workflows and vehicle routes, for example, increase efficiency and also reduce fuel consumption. Vehicle data and snow depths are displayed easily and clearly on a map of the ski resort. This optimises snow management and reduces the costs of machine-made snow.

Helpful: cost centre assignment
The premium fleet management system, i.e. without snow depth measurement but with vehicle display, has deliberately been installed on 2 other vehicles in Sölden. They are specially equipped with passenger cabs and crane superstructure and are not used in snow grooming. They are deployed exclusively on special tasks: supplying the huts, unusual work assignments, VIP transports – and everything relating to different events like world cups, concerts, events etc. And there are a fair few of this in Sölden throughout the season! Thanks to the fleet management system, all tasks can be assigned to the different cost centres easily without restrictions.

Always at a glance: safety
The fleet management system, which all vehicles now have, has an additional touchscreen in the cab, providing drivers with all information at a glance. As well as the map of the ski resort, the system also displays information such as slope edges, anchor points, snow-making equipment or other danger points (cliffs, scarps etc.). This keeps drivers safe – even in poor visibility. All the more important when Daniel Craig, for example, is on board!

Facing the future together

Sölden is more than just a good customer to PistenBully, however. The relationship can be called a very creative development partnership in every sense. There is a lot of experience in Sölden, as well as specific desires and ideas. The experts from the ski resort have worked with the SNOWsat developers to modify individual features for local needs. And what works well in Sölden will help the majority of other resorts too!

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