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The PowerBully 12RT

2 October 2015

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG presented the new PowerBully 12RT and the PowerBully 15T at the ICUEE show in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to enjoying a great many interesting chats with all the rental fleet suppliers, the firm's management team were also able to secure the first sales.

The ICUEE Show (International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition) takes place every two years and is the international trade fair for utility companies. The around 17,000 visitors were able to do more than just look at the vehicles exhibited by over 850 leading manufacturers, putting them through their paces on a test track under highly realistic conditions. Visitors will not find such a comprehensive overview of the products on the utility market anywhere else: at the ICUEE they can make buying decisions based on elaborate information, live demonstrations and test drives.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG introduced the new PowerBully 12RT. The 12RT stands out from the crowd thanks to comfortable, spacious cab, an economical engine, hydraulic parking brakes for working on slopes and a high safety standard. The vehicle is designed, engineered and produced in Germany – i.e. fully “Made in Germany”.

The PowerBully 15T is the vehicle of choice for the most demanding jobs. With a frame of high-strength steel, it has a generously sized platform that is able to take most attachments with ease.

PowerBully are track vehicles with high payloads for unusual applications. As all-terrain and carrier vehicles they are the perfect mobile platform for drills, cranes, lifting ramps, articulated jib cranes and excavators. They are used to service gas and oil pipelines, power and telephone lines, for fire protection, soil analyses or mulching work, to name but a few examples.

You'll find information on all PowerBully vehicles on our new PowerBully website.

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