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Jubilee Campaign

Final spurt!

Final spurt!

Many vehicles are already sold - but still some of our used ones in Laupheim are waiting for use in their second home. But the anniversary campaign is coming to an end - only two weeks until Sep, 30th, 2019 you can get these great "bargains". At the end of the campaign there will be another 5,000 € "on top" on the special price (only for selected vehicles). So better be fast!

Attractive packages
Among these 50 vehicles, there is one for every need. With each of these used vehicles, the customer will receive a new set of combi tracks – both together with a discount of 25% off list price. This comes with a tailored spare parts package. The customer can individually compile this package up to a total list price value of €10,000 from the spare parts summer promotion parts scope, and will receive a 25% discount off the regular list price. As part of our promotion, in addition to all this, if you trade in a PistenBully from the 300 model series built after 2001, you will be rewarded with a special bonus of up to €5,000 extra on top of the price featured in Schwacke (Germany's "blue book" of automotive prices) - depending on condition.


Provisional offers to download

Provisional offers

Jubilee campaign 2019
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