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Investing in Infrastructure

12 June 2018

Kässbohrer builds a new branch facility for New England region of the United States

After operating for twenty years out of a facility on Alfred Plourde Parkway in Lewiston, ME (USA), Kässbohrer's New England branch has officially outgrown the property.  A new facility has been designed specifically for the storage, sales and service of snow groomers and parts.  Construction commenced in the early months of 2018.  Regional Branch Manager, Jim Bear anticipates the facility to be completed and operational by August 2018.  The primary objective of this new infrastructure investment is to offer the customer a better product package.  The new facility will enhance Kässbohrer's ability to store, service and quickly fill parts orders for its valued New England customers.

More space

One of the largest incentives for building a new facility was space.  Over the years, annual sales volume of PistenBully snow grooming vehicles has steadily increased.  A significant percentage of new PistenBully machines are stored in the New England facility.  Couple this with the additional product lines of BeachTech and Cherrington beach cleaners and PowerBully utility vehicles.  Naturally, the increase in products requires more storage.  The new facility will be 20,500 square feet, 7,000 square feet larger than the current one.  Additionally, the new facility will have three times the amount of outdoor storage space as the current property (2.5 acres more).

Customized Design

One benefit of constructing a new building is architectural customization.  The new Kässbohrer facility will allow employees to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.  Regional Sales Manager, Casey Stankowski, claims that the new facility "will make our jobs easier because we will have a shop designed specifically for the flow of servicing and working on snow cats.  Also our new parts area will allow us to move materials in and out more efficiently.  It will allow us to keep more parts in inventory."

Better for the customer

Kässbohrer's New England Team is very excited to begin operating out of the new facility.  More space inside and outside will allow for the group to efficiently receive and ship equipment and parts.  It will be easier to keep equipment and parts stored and organized.  Sales Representative, Josh Lempert elaborates, "We will be able to organize machines by model and region.  We will now have sufficient space for loading and unloading trucks and containers."  The New England customer will see improvements in Kässbohrer's parts, service and sales capabilities.  Customers who have the opportunity to stop by will also see the benefit of an improved office layout and conference room.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but the investment will benefit everyone!

Photo taken June 8, 2018
Photo taken June 8, 2018
Photo taken June 8, 2018
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