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New: the PRO ACADEMY with Florian Profanter!

29 February 2016

Sustainability and efficiency in grooming are playing an ever greater role in ski resorts. That's why Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG always links technological innovations with ecological and economic aspects within the framework of the corporate strategy BlueIQ. The new PROacademy will be part of this strategy from April. The PROacademy is headed by Florian Profanter from South Tyrol. Florian Profanter has a lot of experience: for many years, he has been advising ski resorts on taking an economical, sustainable approach to snow as a resource, and within the new PROacademy is now offering - on an manufacturer-independent basis - 5 different modules for intelligent snow management.

Module 1: Entry training for snow groomer drivers
This theoretical course offers beginners valuable knowledge relating to drivers, vehicles and slopes. The course content ranges from technical functions and controls of the snow groomers of various manufacturers to the basics of snow grooming. There is a focus on a smooth and economical driving style and how to use the vehicle safely. This course is based on the participant's level of knowledge and on the requirements facing the future drivers. Before you let new drivers loose on the slopes, send them to us!

Module 2: Advanced snow grooming
This theoretical and practical training, also manufacturer-independent, is aimed at people with experience, i.e. drivers and fleet managers. Themes include basic configuration, daily grooming, working with spring snow, and storing the vehicles in summer. The expense pays off. Saving potentials are identified together with the team. This can really reduce the variable costs of snow grooming. And optimised slope quality gives your resort a direct image boost.

Module 3: Snow management
More and more often, machine-made snow is proving to be the foundation of a successful season. In theoretical and practical training for machine operators and snow managers, we cover everything from initial and secondary snow production to storing the machines in the summer. Learn how to make efficient use of the time and weather and avoid overproduction and waste. Naturally, we also provide a lot of information about SNOWsat in this course. Clear and intelligible and immediately applicable. This reduces the production costs for machine-made snow without lowering the quality of the slopes. On the contrary. Skiers will love your slopes.

Module 4: Competition snow grooming
As an organiser, you are faced with very specific requirements when it comes to grooming competition runs. The organising committees of the major international competitions expect the highest quality. To help you meet these standards, we offer a special course dealing with precisely these aspects and also offering helpful tips for disciplined and efficient fulfilment of these standards. It's all about professionalism.

Module 5: Individual consultation - learn how to save costs
Identifying saving potentials means recognising waste, in order to permanently reduce the variable costs that arise in snow grooming and snow production. An important factor, for example, is correct positioning of snow guns in autumn, so that snow can be built up at strategically important points. Moving volumes of snow later on takes a lot of time, energy and cash. An even snow covering means you can avoid superfluous snow production. Non-existent turning points or too much overlapping of the individual routes result in certain sections of slope being groomed twice. Other factors that devour time include long trips to refuel, poorly positioned winch anchor points and, of course, follow-up work to create passages between routes, ice plates etc. This is where Florian Profanter comes in: he inspects the resort with the key players, identifies the optimisation potential and develops a fully customised plan for practical implementation of his recommendations. The resulting intelligent snow management enables the customer to achieve optimum snow conditions, while minimising the variable costs.

Theory is good, practice is important!
He offers the ski resort an all-round service thanks to his years of experience. Well-trained staff are undoubtedly the most significant factor for successful implementation of the findings. Ultimately, they are the ones sitting alone in the vehicle with responsibility for whether the big plan works or not. That's why Florian Profanter places such a high value on intensive training for all a ski resort's staff. The successful formula is a clear theory that can also be explained and tested out intensively in practice. This results in an inspiring and very productive exchange of knowledge, from which everyone benefits.

Other reasons for PROacademy:

  • Bespoke training and consultation service for your ski resort
  • Manufacturer-independence
  • Many years' experience in snow grooming, snow management and snow production
  • Mastery of slopes of every difficulty level.
  • International know-how
  • Proven in practice at the Olympics, World Cup and Europa Cup competitions

Participants say:

Wilhelm Berktold, slope manager of the Fellhorn- /Kanzelwandbahn:
"In the past two years, Florian Profanter has carried out theoretical and practical trainings for ski slope preparation, snow grooming machines and artificial snow making with us. He communicates his wide knowledge in a calm and understandable way and he convincingly explains the different tactics of ski slope preparation. In the theoretical trainings, he already discusses part of the annually due instructions to the drivers, which means a great relief for the people in charge. New drivers learn in advance, what is important for building a slope and our experienced drivers are most often reassured in their expert knowledge. The drivers are trained to drive damage-preventing and fuel saving and put this advice into practice immediately. With us, this training had a noticeable and positive influence on the water consumption during the basic snow making and also on the quality of the snow during the main snow making."

Mauro Maffei, slope manager of the Funivie Madonna di Campiglio:
"Last summer, we sent 6 young drivers to Florian who gave them a decent basic knowledge during a theoretical training. Later he came to our ski resort in order to train each driver individually, operating the snow groomer. Florian's training was really intensive. He brings the topics across in a very professional way and actively includes the new drivers, just like a real teacher would. Now the drivers come back after work and talk to each other about which of Florian's tips they were able to put into practice. They discuss how they can optimize their own work and how the other drivers can make use of these strategies and drive as economically and sustainably as possible. And the "old hands" listen with interest, add their experiences to the discussions and so all of them always learn something new and useful!"

You'll get more information to the professional trainings of the PROacademy on our website soon.



Florian Profanter gives personalised advice to each ski resort and each driver.
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