Mount Hood Meadows Goes Tier 4

17 November 2016

Just an hour and a half from Portland, OR, Mt. Hood Meadows Resort resides on the southeast side of Mount Hood, the 11,250 foot tall (3,430 m) dormant volcano.  Meadows, as it is commonly referred to, prides itself in its ability to offer a vast variety of terrain and striking scenic views.  The resort is now the first in the Pacific Northwest to add Tier 4 emission technology to its grooming fleet with the purchase of a PistenBully Tier 4F ParkPro.

Tier 4 technology supersedes its predecessor, Tier 3.  The 400 horsepower diesel engine mounted in the PistenBully 400 4F brings pure power to the slopes with high torque at low engine revs.  But this latest model from PistenBully offers something more than just high performance- much cleaner air from the exhaust stack.  Employing the latest control technology from Cummins, the PistenBully 400 4F complies with the strict Tier 4 Final emissions standard for diesel engines as stipulated by the EPA.  The SCR catalytic converter and the exhaust gas recirculation reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) to near zero levels while the diesel exhaust fluid known as AdBlue is injected into the exhaust stream.  AdBlue enables the SCR to convert the NOx into harmless nitrogen and water which is then expelled from the exhaust stack. The technology has also resulted in lower fuel consumption, contributing to a much lower environmental impact, while being capable of more power and torque.  A win-win.

Meadows collaborates with Snow Park Technologies (SPT) in the design and building of its terrain parks.  With the new partnership between SPT and PistenBully in its first year, it is exciting to see a Tier 4F ParkPro being delivered to an SPT collaborating resort.  Mt. Hood Meadows is home to eight different parks, an impressive five of which have lighting for night skiing and riding.  The parks range from family friendly progression parks and banked slalom courses to an 18' Superpipe, assuring that there is something for every level of park customer.

PistenBully engineers were able to keep structural changes in the ParkPro's transition from Tier 3 to Tier 4 minimal.  This has assured that operator favorite features like maneuverability and vision have not been compromised to accommodate the exhaust aftertreatment components.  Although many of the ParkPro's early adopters were builders working on large events, such as the Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark 18 (at Meadows), the ParkPro was designed for the tasks of the everyday operator.  Generally, this translates to the routine maintenance work of parks of all sizes.  The ParkPro lets an operator be efficient while leaving a clean finished product night after night.

The extreme variety of terrain parks that Mt. Hood Meadows has to offer requires a versatile, efficient machine for the job.  PistenBully is excited to see what the operators at Meadows can do with their new tool!

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