PistenBully 400 Park

The specialist for slope and snowpark preparation


The best at a glance

The ideal mix
Power, weight and size

Thanks to its maneuverability, it is adept for precise grooming work in tight quarters. Its highperformance suspension gives it excellent climbing ability without compromising on ride comfort and quietness.

PistenBully – a driver´s friend
You have the choice

Steering wheel or sticks: Either way, the PistenBully 400 guarantees user-friendliness. Bright headlights, heated front wind shield wipers, windows and mirrors and a sound-proofed cab make the work much easier.

Solid partner
Durable and reliable

All high-quality components – chassis, tracks, suspension, drive, hydraulics, electronics and cab – work together as a perfectly coordinated system. You never have to worry about operating and maintenance costs.

Maximum stability
maximum thrust

The forces are evenly distributed across the whole vehicle frame during dozing work. This has a positive effect, resulting in a stable drive and outstanding pushing performance.

High flexibility
and ideal roll behavior

The large All-Way-Blade ensures the highest flexibility. The optimized joy stick gives the operator precise control and stress-free working. For the perfect job on the slopes.

Also at home indoor
Quiet and low-emission

The PistenBully 400 Park is the ideal vehicle for use in snow domes: The engine is quiet and also low-emission thanks to its integrated emission control and a soot filter.

Perfect snow quality
Outstanding performance

The AlpineFlexTiller impresses in the toughest conditions. The tiller shafts prepare the snow and ensure the best slope quality. The finished surface meets the highest technical standards.

Adapt to changing conditions
Individually and quickly

Well-thought-out modifications to the tiller guarantee outstanding snow grooming. All setting options can be stored and recalled at any time using the memory function.


Get in and fell good. High quality standards and years of experience go hand-in-hand here creating a workstation that is simply first class.

Precise steering
At your fingertips

The PistenBully 400 Park is also available with semicircular steeling wheel. It is continuously adjustable horizontally and sits perfectly in the hand. Drivers can steer the PistenBully effortlessly.

Optional with sticks
Simple and fast

Precise control of left and right track through sticks control. This is advantageous for grooming in tight quarters. Fast, positive direction change from forward to reverse when doing dozing projects.

Everything at a glance
Fast on-board diagnosis

The PistenBully 400 Park’s dashboard is clearly arranged and extremely intuitive to use. The clear display provides all important information and facilitates a fast on-board diagnosis.

Park extensions

Limitless possibilities

Flexible and agile
Perfect for shaping

The PistenBully 400 Park has extreme motion of the front and rear attachments. Perfect for building takeoffs, Kickers and landings. The power curl function allows to lift and curl the ParkBlade simultaneously.

For creative head shapers
creative possibilities

The stinger and PSX control make the ParkFlex tiller’s range of motion even greater. The ParkBully reaches high up and deep below with its tiller - creating precise radii and laying down a perfectly finished surface.

Perfect for competition

The park design must continually be altered to ensure the lasting fascination of events. With the ParkBlade from PistenBully, moving rails and fun boxes or transporting other objects becomes a one-man job.

400 engine

A high-performance engine for cost-effective peak performance with low emissions

Technical Data

Type Cummins QSL 9
Cylinders 6
Displacement 8.9 l / 8,900 cc
Power output (ECE) 272 kW (370 hp)
max. torque 1,519 Nm at 1,500 rpm
Fuel consumption from 19.0 l/h (5.02 gal/h)
Fuel tank capacity 260 l (69 gal)
Exhaust emission standard EUROMOT III A / TIER 3


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PistenBully 400 Park
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