Individual ski-trail preparation

NordicFlexFräse des PistenBully

Preparation of cross-country ski-trails calls for a great variety of abilities. Do you prepare ski-trails for professional competition athletes or maintain a network of ski-trails for popular sport? With our models you can prepare ski-trails with left-hand or right-hand track, and

  • up to 3 parallel tracks with the PistenBully 100 or
  • up to 4 parallel tracks with the PistenBully 400 and 600.

The snow tiller loosens the snow, breaks up the ice and reinforces the snow cover.

All models have individually raisable track-setting. You can also choose the VarioTrack Designer, a track tiller that is integrated into the track setting pan directly in front of the ski-trail formers. Working in unison with the snow tiller, the VarioTrack Designer ensures the creation of perfect ski-tracks. If the track tiller is not required, no problem - it can be raised hydraulically

Mode of Operation
When grooming ski-trail, each track-setting pan can be controlled independently from the driving seat at the press of a switch, enabling you to decide how how many track-setting pans to use when creating your trail. The pressure can be adjusted by a potentiometer. Using the appropriate forming equipment, it is possible to create up to four parallel tracks at the same time. Alternatively, you could form one track and leave enough space alongside for skating. It is possible to adjust the track width for different requirements. The VarioTrack Designer is available either for both track-setting pans or for the right-hand track-setting pan only.

The liftingarms of the track-setting pans have rubber spring elements and ensure that the pans plot an accurate course, even when negotiating bends. The central, multi-directional, rubber-mounted crosshead linkages of the track-setting pans on the lifting arm compensate perfectly for uneven ground. The highly abrasion-resistant track-formers are made from snow-repellent plastic, and their work is aided by two steel pre-cutters. The track-formers and the pre-cutters are attached to the track-setting pan, which is made from plastic.


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