light-footed powerhouse

The PistenBully 800 combines experience and technology from recent years. It is the result of years of innovation with one goal in mind: producing the perfect slope.

Massive power – with surprising agility. Enormous pushing performance – at an astonishingly low speed. And this results in extreme efficiency for slope grooming.

This is because when you push a lot more snow and use only a little more fuel to do it, then it is substantially more efficient and produces less CO2.

It is clear that we support our customers in their CO2 reduction efforts with the new powerhouse. During vehicle development, we focus on alternative drive concepts and are open to the technological possibilities of the future. The PistenBully 800 is chomping at the bit: When the market is ready for hydrogen technology, it will also be ready with a hydrogen reciprocating engine.

*The PistenBully 800 is only available in EU Stage V. If you are interested - and depending on your country-specific requirements - please contact your contact person directly!

"The PistenBully 800 has an insane amount of power, which is really another real improvement. I see a big advantage in the chassis with the additional axle. The climbing ability is even better. If you stand really steeply with the winch on the slope, then it hardly scoops up. Working feels very stable and safe. And pushing onto the slope is also much smoother - due to the fact that it has such a long chain. And yet the turning ability has not decreased. You can turn just as tightly in tight spaces as with the PistenBully 600. You wouldn't think so, but it's really super!"
Richard Ladner, driver and mechanic in St. Anton since 2009, Arlberg, Austria.

PistenBully 800: side view
Tracks of the PistenBully 800
Track for every application

As flexible as a Swiss army knife, our undercarriage in combination with the track can be adjusted to all customer requirements and thus offers the perfect solution for every application, regardless of what is required: pushing, climbing ability or turning ability.

Combination equipment carrier 

The combination equipment carrier is the "one for all" solution. Thanks to the SlopeTracer, it can follow the slope in parallel or slope contour mode. The Autotracer provides additional side-to-side support and perfect lateral tracking. Thus another must-have for the perfect slope.

Quick-mount system of the PistenBully 800
Quick-mount system

To ensure that the thrust and associated forces are transferred to the vehicle in an optimum and durable manner, a completely redimensioned thrust frame is used. Of course, the unrestricted mobility is still maintained.

AllWayBlade PistenBully 800.
AllWayBlade 5.0 m

Folded out 5.95 meters wide and 1.25 meters high: This makes it the largest blade on the market. For maximum pushing performance, optimum slope edge preparation and best tilling width coverage.

Cab of the PistenBully 800
Driver's cab

The new cab with its modern design offers a host of sophisticated features that make work more enjoyable and comfortable. From optimized air flow and complete LED illumination to larger storage areas and more headroom - all this and much more makes work more relaxed and ensures a pleasant feeling of space.

Winch of the PistenBully 800
Winch 4.6+

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the AutoWinch is perfectly matched to the vehicle and ensures safety on slopes with its enormous pulling force, active steering and automatic winch pulling force control.

Das innovative Cockpit des PistenBully 800.
Control unit of the PistenBully 800.
Control unit

For a steady hand and safe handling in every driving situation: driver's seat, armrest and joystick are firmly connected. An ergonomic and comfortable unit. Individually adjustable to the driver. Enables fatigue-free operation, even when driving in rough terrain.  

The joystick in the  cockpit of the PistenBully 800.

Ergonomic and freely movable in all directions. For intuitive control. The joystick's four axes allow four simultaneous movements of the blade. And proportional control of the attachments. All with just one hand.  


SNOWsat snow depth measurement provides a precise overview of the snow situation in the ski area. Only if you know the snow depths everywhere on the slopes can you move snow in a targeted manner. The result: perfect slopes for your guests every day, increased productivity, enormous cost savings, careful use of resources and increased work and operational safety.

But: SNOWsat is more than just snow depth measurement. Discover all SNOWsat solutions!

Half-steering wheel
Half-steering wheel

Precise steering: The semi-steering wheel is infinitely adjustable side-to-side and fits comfortably in the hand. The driver effortlessly steers the PistenBully and finds the most important functions directly in the steering.

Alternative Sticks

As an option to the steering wheel: Stick control for direct handling and steering. A thumb dial potentiometer regulates travel speed.


10-inch display with touch control. Clear and easy to use. All active vehicle systems are highlighted in color. With quick navigation option via icons.

DerPower-Motor des PistenBully 800.
Diesel particulate filter of the PistenBully 800.
Diesel particulate filter 

With the clean 6-cylinder engine with 612 hp including diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and SCR KAT, the PistenBully 800 naturally complies with EU Stage V.

Power engine
Power engine

The clean 6-cylinder engine with 612 metric HP (450 kW) including diesel particulate filter complies with EU Stage V and with its powerful torque ensures unique thrust and top performance even in extreme situations. Thanks to 15.30 l displacement and 2,900 Nm torque, the PistenBully 800 reliably pulls through in all situations. And surprises with a wow effect when pushing and preparing even in the low-speed range.

The PistenBully 800 is only available in EU Stage V. If you are interested and depending on your country-specific requirements please contact your contact person directly!

Larger tank volume
Larger tank volume

The high range due to the larger tank volume (400 l) ensures efficient and economical operation.

Longer undercarriage

5 running axles with longer chassis for best smoothness, thrust and climbing performance.

Cab with modern design

From optimized air flow and complete LED illumination to larger storage areas and more headroom.

Power engine

Clean 6-cylinder engine with powerful torque ensures unique thrust. 

Experience Pistenbully 800 virtually

Bring the PistenBully 800 directly to your home! 

Discover the new 800 now, even off the snow slopes: Experience a realistic model of the largest PistenBully of all time using your smartphone camera! With the AR (Augmented Reality) app, you bring the PistenBully 800 directly to your home! Put the 800 in your garage and take a picture or share your shot with friends.

Here's how it works:

  • Move your cell phone until dot area(s) appear
  • Use tab to click on dot area to position the model
  • Use pinch (2 fingers) to scale/rotate model
  • Use drag (1 finger) to move model within the dot area


Download our AR app and try it out today!

Eine frisch präparierte Piste.

Assistance systems 


Autonomous steering assistance while cornering and automatic countersteering on side slopes simplify work for the operator. The rear implement carrier with smart, active steering assistance makes this possible in both the locked and floating positions.


Smart control of the combined implement carrier. Software enables use as a parallel implement carrier. Ensures ideal ground following of the tiller on hilly terrain and automatically adjusts the tiller depth. SlopeTracer simplifies operation and a large movement radius.

SNOWsat snow depth measurement

The high-precision snow depth measurement helps the operator detect slope areas with small amounts of snow and identify snow reserves – under, in front of and on both sides of the vehicle. This way snow can be pushed with precision and maximum quality can be achieved for the slope structure. Increases productivity while conserving resources and helping to preserve the environment.


The intelligent winch matches the driving speed to the winch rope speed. If they differ, for example, because of slip, the pulling force is adjusted automatically, so it is gentle on the winch rope.

Active Winch
Active 4.6+ Winch

Automatic steering support for the winch simplifiesM work for the operator – especially under difficult slope conditions.

Technical Data

TypeMAN D38
Number of cylinders6
Displacement15.3 l / 15.300 cm³
Power output (ECE)450 kW / 612 PS
max. torque2,900 Nm @ 1,100 U/min
Tank capacity400 l
DEF (AdBlue) tank capacity 44 l
Emission standard EU Stage V
Technical data PistenBully 800 W
TypeMAN D38
Number of cylinders6
Displacement15. 3 l / 15,300 cc
Power output (ECE)604 hp
max. torque2,900 Nm @ 1,100 rpm
Tank capacity106 gal
DEF (AdBlue) tank capacity 11.6 gal
Emission standardEU Stage V
Technische Daten des PistenBully 800

Transmission, chassis & wheels 

  • Fixed impellers on the tensioning axle and the impeller axles
  • Magnum sprocket
  • 5 running axles for a smoother ride and climbing performance
  • Exclusively towed axles for improved drivability
  • Functional snow fenders to prevent snow ejection

Hydraulics and working hydraulics

  • Electro-hydraulic brake
  • High pressure filter
  • Calibrated valves with identical response characteristics in all vehicles
  • All functions can be controlled independently and proportionally
  • Parts commonality (e.g. proportional valves and solenoid coils)
  • Highest liter output of the working hydraulics
  • Rear implement carrier with vibration compensation and electrical lateral damping
  • High-performance bio-oil


  • New comfort seat with improved ergonomics
  • Rear camera color
  • DAB+ radio
  • Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Connections: USB and audio-in
  • Shoulder harness
  • Tilt sensor
  • Central locking


  • LED-lighting for improved illumination
  • LED-SideFinder lights integrated in the support frame
  • LED–TillerFlap–lights
  • LED–BladeFlap–lights
  • LED-turn signals and tail lights integrated in the carrying frame
  • LED-searchlight

Electronics and batteries  

  • Simple onboard diagnostics with error codes in plain text
  • Automatic temperature compensation with cold run protection of components
  • Service-friendly due to reduced number of parts
  • Flash and parameterization process through new K-Config tool

Technology and engine  

  • Trailer hitch
  • High pressure connection kit for hydraulic front implements
  • Stick control with power potentiometer for temporary increase of engine speed
  • Hydraulic oil preheating
  • Cold start aid

Cab and comfort  

  • Auxiliary heating
  • Automatic climate control
  • Premium sound package with Alpine subwoofer and amplifier

The first impression: Our customers are thrilled!

Thomas Lingg, Managing Director - Bergbahnen Oberstaufen

Christoph Hofer, Operator - Staubai glacier

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