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Team PistenBully

At a glance

Florian Notz Cross-Country Ski

DSV Trainer team SkiCross

DSV Trainer team Ski Alpin

Andreas Sander Ski Alpin

Regionalteam Oberallgäu Alpine Ski Race

PistenBully-Biathlonzentrum Biathlon

Aline Danioth Alpine Skiing

Florian Notz
The 27-year-old cross-country skier came in sixth with the relay team at the Nordic World Championships in Lahti in March 2017, having previously achieved two fourth places with the relay team as the top placings at the World Cup.

Andreas Sander / Alpine Skiing
For Andreas Sander, PistenBully on his head is a must - just in time for the start of the World Cup downhill and Super-G races, the new PistenBully lettering on his helmet now functions as a lucky charm for the upcoming season.

Aline Danioth / Alpine Skiing
The Swiss athlete Aline Danioth can already report a number of successes at the age of 23: At the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, she won a medal in all disciplines, including gold in slalom and combined. She was also successful at the Junior World Championships in Sochi shortly afterwards, becoming Junior World Champion in the combined. Currently, the motto for Aline is: Never give up! Because right now she has to fight with a knee injury and has to pass for this season. We keep our fingers crossed full of confidence and are already looking forward to her performances next year!

DSV Alpine Skiing Trainer team
The DSV trainer team in Alpine Skiing has set goals for the women's and men's sector and is confident about the upcoming winter. Success has many factors, optimal slope conditions are definitely among them. With PistenBully supporting the coaches, an important element for successful winter sports has already been secured.

DSV Ski Cross Trainer team
PistenBully on the heads of German SkiCross trainers. Why does it fit? In Ski Cross in particular, this very dynamic and still young Olympic discipline, the correct and safe construction of the track is the be-all and end-all. A stroke of luck if you can rely on PistenBully and SNOWsat.

The road to top-class sport starts with the little ones
PistenBully also sponsors numerous campaigns in mass sport to encourage the next generation of athletes:
The Oberallgäu Regional Team is doing outstanding work at the interface between youth development and top-class sport: talented skiers aged 12 to 14 are trained and developed here.
The PistenBully Biathlon Centre in Dornstadt near Ulm provides young athletes, including newbies and school classes, with optimal training conditions all year round on cross-country tracks, skates or ski rollers and for shooting.
The commitment fits perfectly with the motto “No computers – get out in the snow, which is part of Kässbohrer’s mission to get children interested in winter sports.


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PistenBully Primary School Cup (2017)

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