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PistenBully and Snow Park Technologies

23 September 2016

Following successful collaborations with Schneestern, Q Parks and Woodward, PistenBully is proud to announce the new cooperation with Snow Park Technologies (SPT®). Together with its partners, PistenBully gathers the top operators who specialize in freestyle parks and elite competition courses. With over 20 years of experience in event work, resort collaboration, athlete relations, and global brand partnerships, it only seemed right for SPT and PistenBully to join forces. A global leader in its field, it's truly incredible what these talented individuals can do with snow.

The history of SPT began almost 20 years ago, in 1997, when two friends put their heads together, designed, and built the first Winter X Games courses. Since then, Chris GunnyGunnarson and his team have designed and built over 250 snow park and competition courses. Additionally, SPT has done a great deal with athletes, including training and media events. SPT has partnered with brand heavyweights such as DC, Burton, ESPN X Games and Red Bull. Now in strategic alliance with PistenBully, the boundaries of our industry’s limits will be pushed. As a technology leader, PistenBully will enable SPT to build bigger and more innovative parks using the best and most progressive equipment. PistenBully has worked extensively with the Schneestern team to tailor the PistenBully ParkPro to the needs of the everyday park operator. Going forward, SPT will also contribute ideas to help push snow grooming vehicle technology forward. The engineering capabilities of PistenBully, paired with the creativity of SPT will ensure the most ground breaking, innovative projects in winter action sports.

We look forward to working together!


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