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Webshop – fast, up-to-date, easy.

2 February 2015

Ordering via the Webshop has long been established as a safe and reliable tool for many PistenBully customers. The system now offers even more possibilities.

You can start ordering as soon as you've registered for free in the Webshop and your account has been confirmed. It is incredibly easy to use: a clear tree structure helps you find the right part group very simply, and clicking on the right preview image takes you straight to the part you want.  Online ordering provides security: the desired part is vehicle-specific and is also the latest available version. Accuracy that a spare parts catalogue on paper or CD simply cannot deliver. And this accuracy massively reduces misunderstandings, wrong deliveries and the resulting returns.

The PistenBully Webshop now offers other possibilities. Buyers can immediately see the current net price and the availability of the desired part. A fast process running in the background collects this data individually from the central management system of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. This ensures prompt processing, commissioning and delivery of the order.

Buyers can also save an order before committing to buy. Once they know exact prices and availability, they can save their order and then seek approval from a superior, for example, before an order is actually placed.

Another new feature – “Order History” – has been added to online ordering: all orders are documented and can be accessed individually: all spare part orders and invoices from the last three years – itemised by delivered, ordered or invoiced item. Already delivered, charged, or outstanding deliveries – are stored here. Customer options also include reprinting a missing invoice online (e.g. for customs clearance)

This saves money, time and nerves.

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