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Harvesting peat

PistenBully 300 GreenTech

Universal machine

PistenBully 300 GreenTech from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG are designed for the toughest work in difficult conditions. Robust diesel engines provide the power to get the job done both reliably and economically. The hydrostatic drive makes the PistenBully 300 GreenTech extremely maneuverable and is comfortable in operation which is not always a matter of course for work vehicles. Secure and precise steering via a semi-circular steering wheel. One-hand operation for attachments. PistenBully 300 GreenTech clearly surpasses conventional wheeled vehicles thanks to its extremely low ground pressure. The PistenBully 300 GreenTech has a dedicated pump as standard to operate different attachments. Wherever you need to transport, work and move, wherever conventional vehicles cannot go, the all-terrain vehicle specialists at Kässbohrer have the options to solve any problem you have.


The PistenBully 300 GreenTech is a universal machine for peat excavation and can be used both for milled peat excavation and block peat preparation. Its strengths include wet peat exposure and distribution, as well as renaturation and maintenance of old excavation sites.

The following attachments can be used:

  • Standard All-Way-Blade up to 5.30 m in width
  • Milled peat blade with high yield steel edges and up to 7 m3 volume
  • Swathe blade with 60° tilt to spread peat windrows
  • Peat tillers in various designs
  • Cultivator for loosening peat layers (up to 7.00 m working width)
  • Frost cultivator (up to 4.50 m working width)
  • Mowing and mulching tools for habitat care or to prepare new excavation areas
  • Trench cutters and peat pilers to build walls

Your PistenBully 300 GreenTech can be fitted for any special requirement. Original replacement parts are always on hand to keep your PistenBully 300 GreenTech working day or night.


You'll find more information about the vehicle here.

Brochure (DE)

PistenBully GreenTech
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Brochure (EN)

PistenBully GreenTech
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