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Always with our finger on the pulse

11 March 2015

Optimization is their permanent goal – even though or precisely because SNOWsat proved itself so impressively on the market last season. The high number of sales and satisfied customers is ongoing validation of this. A lively exchange with them is very important – and gives an insight into needs in practice.

The biggest innovations and optimizations will come in the area of fleet management. This system records information like position, speed, direction of travel and working time, but also registers the most important vehicle data like engine data, status of winches and tillers, lights, alarms, drivers, cost centres etc. By evaluating this with the SNOWsat software, operators can identify potential savings and optimizations. Implementation leads to dramatic reductions in fuel consumption and, thus, pollutant emissions, in wear and tear and in maintenance. Moreover, the data also provide security in the event of claims. This analysis of vehicle data makes an effective cost control possible in the first place.

Ski resorts do not just operate snow groomers – they are dealing with a mix of different vehicles and equipment. SNOWsat fleet management now supports all conceivable vehicles in the resort – from snow groomers and snowmobiles to diggers. The new SNOWsat V1 vehicle hardware has several CAN interfaces, plus digital/analogue inputs to record diverse vehicle data and also facilitates driver identification and detailed cost centre management.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has also updated the SNOWsat software components CAN and Fleet: both are now based on a universal user interface, which has been especially optimized for the needs of ski resorts. Supervisors can access a full overview of processes in the ski resort in less than 5 minutes. Customers have repeatedly requested it and we have quickly realized it: both, CAN and Fleet, are now web-based, meaning they can be accessed on all mobile end devices, such as smartphones, tablets etc. This makes it easier for supervisors to make decisions quickly, even if they're away from the office.

This new software is automatically available as a free upgrade to all existing customers with a valid service agreement from the new season onwards. Anyone wanting to equip additional vehicles or test out the new software please contact his PistenBully dealer or talk to them at the Interalpin.

New features which newly can be accessed on tablets and smartphones.
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