For icy and encrusted slopes

PistenBully SnowCutter

The SnowCutter is a special device for breaking up particularly icy sections of slope. In combination with the AlpinFlex cutter, it significantly improves the quality of the slopes. For ripping up icy and gnarled slopes, for renewing lift roads, and for peeling off glacier ice. Use of the snow cutter in conjunction with U-shaped blade and AllWayBlade.

Mode of operation
The tooth bar is extended downwards with the help of the swivel cylinders. Hard, icy sections of the slope are roughly broken up into slabs, reduced in size by passing over them with the chain, and then prepared back into a slope with the cutter. When the toothed bar hits rocky ground, it is automatically swiveled back. As with the AllWayBlade, the hydraulic adjustment is performed via the manual control unit and the quick-change system.



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