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Superpark 20 in the Books

30 May 2016

For an impressive twenty years, Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark event has capped off the winter season in an invite only gathering of roughly 500 professional snowboarders from all over the world. This spring, Superpark 20 made its way back to Mammoth Mountain, California. Four build teams were assembled and granted ten days to each produce a portion of the Superpark. The teams, including Mammoth Mountain, Seven Springs Resort, Woodward Tahoe/Boreal, and Bear Mountain, were asked to be creative and build to their strengths, and that is exactly what they did. Once completed, Mammoth Mountain opened two lifts to the private event for 5 days of riding and media coverage. With the help of PistenBully, Snowboarder Magazine pulled off yet another successful event, pushing park building and riding to yet another level.

Unique to most events of its kind, Superpark places a great deal of emphasis on the build portion of the event. Build teams are hand selected and invited by Snowboarder Magazine's creative director, Pat Bridges. PistenBully provided 4 ParkPros, a 400 Winch, and a 600E+ as the official equipment supplier for the Superpark build. The machines ran seamlessly around the clock for the first 10 days, and then were used for finishing touches and branding during the ride portion of the event. The 600 E+, the world's only diesel electric snowcat, proved to be very popular for the early, snow harvesting part of the build due to its instant torque and incredible pushing capability. The ParkPro once again excelled at both snow pushing and detail work of the features.

Pro Snowboarder, and Superpark 20 participant, Tim Humphreys explained that Superpark 20 was in fact "SUPER!" He elaborated "Every single feature built was to the max in terms of raw size and potential on a snowboard. It was really impressive how all of the PistenBully cats were running around the clock for 2 weeks leading up to the event, pushing the most massive piles of snow that anyone has seen!" Humphrey's favorite feature was the 110 ft. jump built by the Mammoth Mountain build team. He explained that "It was by far the biggest jump I've ever hit on my snowboard, and it was built so well." He continued, "The landing was steep and had barely any impact for me and the rest of the riders which led to one of the craziest jump sessions to ever go down."

Despite being a long, labor intensive event, the hard work and creativity put in by each build team does not go unnoticed. PistenBully takes great pride in participating and playing a large role in this one-of-a-kind gathering of talented park builders and riders. It was a privilege to work with the Snowboarder Magazine staff, Mammoth Mountain Resort, and the impressive individual park builders representing Mammoth Mountain, Seven Springs Resort, Woodward Tahoe/Boreal, and Bear Mountain. Another year, and another Superpark in the books!

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