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Extension of collaboration

7 October 2016

Men and their gadgets...it's always the same. Whether they're farmers, builders, firemen or shapers, as in our case, they love their "toys" and are fascinated and "obsessed" by them. For the shapers at Schneestern those toys are the machines from PistenBully. They expect as much of their equipment as they do of themselves: it must work no-holds-barred, and only the perfect final result counts. And so it does, as countless joint and successfulprojects show. The Quad Cork of Billy Morgen, the Slopestyle World Cup in Pyeongchang, the Prime Park Sessions with the best athletes in the world at Stubai Zoo or the Nine Knights 2016, which has just resulted in two newworld records. These are all milestones in the common history of PistenBully and Schneestern. It's not just about the pure use of snow groomers, it is about the development and deployment of special "tools", often in exceptional circumstances too. Durach and Laupheim have been working closely together for 3 years now, which has not only facilitated the projects already mentioned, but in the PistenBully 400 ParkPro has yielded a new machine for the construction of snow parks and event set-ups. Just the right tool for Schneestern, not only to bring projects to a new level, but freestyle winter sports as well. Many other extraordinary freestyle projects and steady advances in park machines will also be possible in the future thanks to the extended collaboration...not least because PistenBully never stops working on them with a great love of technology and of detail, and Schneestern cannot imagine a better tool for its projects. To be continued...

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