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Living and working in the eternal ice

20 July 2016

Despite difficult conditions the Alfred Wegener Institute operates a research station in the Antarctic, where scientists live and work all year round: Neumayer Station III. The station is the base for German Antarctic research. A meteorological observatory has been in permanent operation for over 30 years, capturing long-term data for global climate research. Up to 40 people live and work at the station during the Antarctic summer, and it is the starting point for many expeditions.

Neumayer-Station III is a building on a platform above the surface of the snow. The station is supported on 16 stilts. Engineers regularly raise the station using hydraulics. This enables the station to compensate for new snowfall, and the platform always sits around six metres above the ice. PistenBully are used for logistics and supply work on the ice.

The following animated video shows this process in use of PistenBully.

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