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St. Moritz has a major goal

28 September 2016

Sustainability has long been the name of the game in St. Moritz. Yet for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017, operator Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG has set itself an even more ambitious goal: the major sporting event in February 2017 is to go down in the history books as the "most sustainable world championship in snow management". There's already been a lot going on in advance of the event. We at Kässbohrer are right in the thick of it too with a variety of products.

The most eco-friendly PistenBully fleet
As a Swiss "Energiestadt" (energy city), St. Moritz is no stranger to setting standards - and all new projects nowadays are rigorously reviewed in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. This obligation is also reflected in winter sports. It all started back in 2008 with the bid to host the Alpine Ski World Championships. Since they were successful, all decisions relating to the major event have been taken with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG has raised the bar, by becoming the first ski resort to retrofit, or buy new, all its vehicles with diesel particle filters. Thus, the whole PistenBully fleet for the World Championships is equipped both with emission-reducing SCR technology and with particle filters. Three PistenBully 600 E+ will also be in use in time for the event. And finally, the whole fleet will be fitted with SNOWsat for the World Championships as well. In brief - the most eco-friendly fleet imaginable.

SNOWsat and the PRO ACADEMY optimising snow management
An eco-friendly approach also has enormous potential: efficient snow grooming, environmentally friendly driving and effective snow management can save more money and resources than you might think. That's where Adrian Mattli and Florian Profanter come in, respectively our Swiss expert in all SNOWsat matters, and our specialist for efficient and economical snow management from the PRO ACADEMY. Their job in St. Moritz: to provide active guidance and support, as requested by Adrian Jordan, Head of Technology COO at Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG, as the resort pursues its goal of delivering the most sustainable World Championships in history. Florian Profanter from the PRO ACADEMY demonstrates how and under what conditions our PistenBully are most eco-friendly. And explains the difference this makes in comparison to the previous approach. In parallel to this, Adrian Mattli analyses the optimisation potential based on the data from last season. SNOWsat enables a resort to define precise snow volumes on sections of the slopes and then to target snow production where it's needed. This means the natural snow is always taken into account. Based on the optimisation proposal, Reto Bieri (Head of Slopes and Snow Production) is convinced that 20 % of the water used to produce snow last season can be saved. And he says that with good reason, because the optimisation steps with SNOWsat are based on real data.

Clear specifications are essential
The idea of the most sustainable World Championships is being driven by Adrian Jordan. It has also fallen to him, together with his management colleagues, to define the desired specifications. Whether, for example, the emphasis would be on rapid work to keep personnel costs down, or whether they wanted to focus on an eco-friendly working method. These are significant parameters for our experts: fast speed means high revs means high consumption - and vice versa. Indeed, as Florian Profanter explains, there is also considerable saving potential in optimising the drive strategy - i. e. less fuel consumption and lower emissions - and of course lower costs here as well as a result.

Sustainability as a philosophy
All the optimisation proposals were put on paper over this summer and presented to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG. Along with Adrian Jordan's ideas, this resulted in a joint strategy that all participants could follow. Yet it's more than a strategy - it's becoming a philosophy, a management tool. Adrian Jordan knows that his goal can only be successfully implemented if all employees are fully convinced of his vision in line with the motto for the 2017 World Championships "Live the Future". If the drivers can be sure that it's not just about pure time, but rather about their driving style. They too must remember what it's all about.

The figures speak for themselves
The target-actual comparison, which Adrian Mattli and Florian Profanter have now created and presented, is truly impressive. "The figures speak for themselves", says Adrian Jordan. "And the PistenBully people have conclusively shown us that we will actually achieve the indicated savings in resources and money." Now it's all about intensive training - on the PC just as much as on the slope - making sure all the drivers are not just trained in the techniques, but are also enthusiastic about the idea of the most sustainable World Championships. We are raring to go! The World Championships 2017 can begin.

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